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    Failure To Launch/open

    List of my problems and equipment.. Laptop Dell xps m1330 Photoshow v 5 bought of course. Acquired a license to also instal in desk top approved by Simple star. Problems now: 1.can not start up thinks for ever and hours later does not ever open.. 2. Last time it worked ... says the UP-loader does not work... But keeps sending invitation messages to all of my people ( 50 addresses) over and over and over... and there is contents,photos nothing.. just the notice.. And I can not cure it at all... people are hating me already... 3. Had lots of trouble trying to edit.. first pictiure an it will hang up and that was it.. never again. Desperate also as everyone here.. and no help from Roxio... Yes all troubles started when they bought it...too BAd. No people,no cure and I am lost.. Question... I am afraid of uninstalling the soft... is there anyb risk of loosing all photos, and all shows...??? I am afraid of doing that... but ...tell me how.. may be... But remember I can not UPLOAD..or nothing. Severely troubled Ted HELp ( ROXIO )
  2. Hello and same thing here on error msgs and that is it...Gone...can not get anything done does not start-up and thinks for hours.and then the trouble msg and the app etc etc. I also have lost the UPLOADER and can not get anything uploaded, after the last time.. the system keeps sending the same invitation to my family and friends over and over and over...without any photos-no contents at all.. And I can not stop it Do not know how...Been looking all over for help.. and nothing... I also bought the photoshow ver.5 and for a while was Ok then it is Crazy...Hope ROXIO does something...so far nothing. I have not filled up and do not how to make a ticket...???. I am at the border line of uninstalling the soft totally and start all over again ..BUT AFFRAID OF LOOSING MANY THOUSAND OF PHOTOS AND SHOWS AND ALL.. ???SHALL I TAKE THE CHANCE.. OR NOT ???. I am lost without it and honestly do not what to do... will keep reading and receivinjg help./I guess. Good luck to all ( hello roxio???) Ted
  3. Photoshow ver 5 troubles. frezzes when editing photos..and have to restart ..so can never edit( originally was normal) does not sent e-mails,just invitations..?? does not upload properly or never keeps sending invitations same photoshow..empty no photos..?? when downloading photos from my SD card...is very troublesome and breaks up and freezes program..?? end up with a sign photoshow send msg yes or not... stays there for ever.... I am lost.. and have lots of pictures to program,load up, edit and send and make photoshows..that is the purpose. I bough the soft. $$ I use a dell laptop xps m1330 with vista home premiun .Lots of memory and all.... Can not reach any desk and or people anymore??? I am affraid... How did I ver get into this mess... H E L P . Toyo Question.. could I download again photoshow ..will this destroy ,damage and or erase all photos and shows and all..??
  4. Hello and thanks for comments and questions and lots of trouble...indeed. The uploader has gone in my system and can not fix and or find way to do it...?? Perhaps downloading version 5 again will help.....but I am affraid of loosing data..it will be a disaster... Editing also does never finish saving a photo it runs runs for ever... just have to restart...and dissapointinjg..indeed. The photoshow keeps sending invitations from the last one I tried to upload and did not but keeps sending the announcement and no files...... There seems no way to call and or get attention.... can you share the phone with me and or the web site and or address... I will do the same if I get anything at all... from roxio and or SIlver Star and or ROAD RUNNER PHOTOSHOW whre I bought the software originally.Please keep in touch let's see if we can survive on this headacke.... Thanks for reading and helping. Ted
  5. toyo

    Photoshow Problems Continue!

    lots of simillar problems.... but it seems noone comes tu help....Usually there is amoderator placed on line for solutions and help,but nothing on thissite... at all.. I have lots of troubles with Photoshow... and simpatize with yours and are very similar...for sure. Good luck Ted