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  1. AtlanticVideography

    Videowave Creates Corrupt Audio Proxy Files

    i had the same problem when i tried to go from NXT5 to NXT6. i'd like for Corel to take my money for NXT7 because I WANT TO UPGRADE but w/out this fixed, NXT7 is completely useless to me.
  2. AtlanticVideography

    VideoWave constantly crashes when trying to start new project

    if videowave crashes when adding your media, i found a work around in my NXT5. the simple solution is to move your media files to another folder. the key is to not keep any of your video/media files in any folder that "media selector" is trying to access when loading videowave... hope that makes sense.
  3. AtlanticVideography

    ROXIO NXT 7 ...Anyone?

    The screen capture never worked for me. I use the paid version of Screen-Cast-O-matic so it doesn't bother me. What I am curious to know is if they fixed the issue with Videowave corrupting audio files to the point that I could not edit video at all with NXT6.
  4. AtlanticVideography

    ROXIO NXT 7 ...Anyone?

    Has anyone tried the brand new Roxio NXT 7 yet? After having no joy with 6, I'm reluctant to upgrade from 5 to 7.
  5. AtlanticVideography

    Videowave crashes immediately

    Jim, the above video I attached is of some guy on YouTube... this is addressing the problem of videowave crashing immediately when trying to run the program... it appears to happen when the user has the "media selector" docked (see the video above at 1:00 mark). I had to choose another folder to keep my media TO GET IT FROM APPEARING IN "media selector" as I'm loading videowave. Once you move all your files to another folder, then videowave will finish loading without crashing because there's nothing in the folder for "media selector" to get hung up on. Then, once you load videowave, UNDOCK media selector so that it doesn't load next time when running videowave... but the key is to not keep any of your video/media files in any folder that "media selector" is trying to access when loading videowave... hope that makes sense. I see other posts where videowave crashes... this fix worked for me after agonizing reinstalls and repairs did nothing... hoping this post will save someone the hassle and just move the files away from the folder that media selector tries to access when it's docked upon loading VW. Cheers.
  6. AtlanticVideography

    Simply won't open!

    I know why it's closing. Same happened to me and I found a work around.
  7. AtlanticVideography

    Videowave crashes immediately

    see this video to see what I'm talking about:
  8. AtlanticVideography

    Videowave crashes immediately

    Hello, still no luck with Roxio tech support. Do you know how I can clear files out of Videowave's media selector? I think the program may be crashing on startup possibly due to a prob w/one of these files in media selector (see screen capture)
  9. AtlanticVideography

    Videowave crashes immediately

    Thank you kindly for your help. I might've goofed the uninstall with Revo Pro, or perhaps I hadn't disabled Norton, so I just did a full uninstall again, and this time, I made sure I deleted everything in Moderate Mode. However, now I'm locked out from attempting another install (too many). I just submitted a ticket with Roxio tech support to ask for more install attempts. I do have a legit full retail boxed copy directly from Corel. Hopefully they will allow me to try again. If probs continue after re-install, I will submit another ticket to Roxio, Microsoft, or HP.
  10. AtlanticVideography

    Videowave crashes immediately

    I'm trying to open other apps within NXT5 and noticed a runtime error when I opened "Panorama Assistant". Not sure if it's related to Videowave crashing.
  11. AtlanticVideography

    Videowave crashes immediately

    I'm not sure. Is there a way I can check to see if I updated it? DxDiag.txt
  12. AtlanticVideography

    Videowave crashes immediately

    I installed NXT5 on brand new PC win10 and Videowave will not run. It crashes immediately each time I open the program. There's no error code, it just quits the moment it finishes loading. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated as one of the main reasons I bought this new PC was for video editing. How ironic. What's puzzling is that Videowave worked for one video editing session when I first installed NXT5, but now, I cannot even get it to load and I've tried everything I can think of, including the repair feature, complete uninstall with Revo Pro & reinstall, & I've even tried restoring the new PC back to the point when Videowave actually worked that one time, but nothing is working. Any suggestions?
  13. AtlanticVideography

    Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    Thanks, yes very frustrating. I submitted my "letter of destruction" (for the refund) - so, all traces of NXT 6 have been removed from my PC. I'm about to reinstall my retail copy of NXT 5 & hoping it goes smooth.
  14. AtlanticVideography

    Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    I uninstalled NXT 6 & requested a refund. I'm now about to reinstall my copy of NXT 5. Thanks for everyone's help.
  15. AtlanticVideography

    Nxt 6 Is Not Working

    Thank you. I called the cust svc number yesterday 877-582-6735 & spoke to someone in India who suggested that I uninstall NXT 6 from ---> control panel ----> uninstall programs. I went ahead and uninstalled everything that is Corel & Roxio NXT 6 related & then reinstalled NXT 6 w/Norton disabled, & then rebooted, etc. It did not solve the problem. I cannot use NXT 6 with corrupted audio in each production. Cust Svc said I need to go to findmyorder.com & submit for refund there... and then when I reinstall my copy of NXT 5, I may need to get a technician if my key code won't work (they will have to change it in the computer - something like that)... I'm extremely disappointed with NXT 6.