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    Odd Audio Problem

  2. liambirch37

    Odd Audio Problem

    OK, so i have just waited 30-odd hours for Toast to finish making a DivX file from a Video_TS and the picture quality is excellent, cant fault it. However, the orchestral score in the movie plays back perfectly, but there is no speech. In other words, the only audio in the movie is the soundtrack. How did this happen? How can i rectify it? Thanks
  3. liambirch37


    Just an update, as freshburn says, it doesnt work. Could anyone be kind enough to post a list of parameters that have to be kept for the PSP to recognise the file? I know about the resolution but what about everything else? Thanks again.
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    Thanks for the input so far. Fingerman, i thought that not all mpeg-4 files work on PSP, something about needing a special header? Are you saying that if i chose mpeg-4 and keep within the allowed resolution that this will work? Thanks again
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    I have a couple of questions about exporting videos to the PSP format. 1. Is it possible to alter the settings because i have noticed the picture quality to be rather poor compared with some made in ffmpegx for example when i can tailor the options myself. 2. Will there be h.264 support now Sony has revealed the PSP is capable of playing it? I am using Toast 7.02 Many thanks.