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  1. I seem to remember this is/was a problem with 2009 as well. You kick off a convert, and lock your computer by hitting the windows button (the flag) and the 'L' at the same time. This doesn't suspend the computer or put it in hibernation, rather is just locks your terminal so that rouge 3yr olds can't wreck havoc on your PC when you've stepped away. When I come back an hour later to check the status, nothing has completed, and it picks up where it left off. Is this normal? Remember locking your terminal when you step away is what good little boys and girls are told to do now days. Thoughts?
  2. So this is a feature of 2010, or a fix to 2009 Ultimate?
  3. Mark W

    removing subtitles?

    Stupid question after reading this post. If it's illegal to make a copy for an ipod or PS3, or to place a copy on a media server and store the DVD away so it doesn't get wrecked, why even give the option to remove subtitles....languages, etc. If you don't know the answer to this question, why not just say so?
  4. Mark W

    Deleting Commercials Using Videowave

    Yes...that was the final resolution, for this problem.
  5. Mark W

    Deleting Commercials Using Videowave

    I paraphrased for the sake of these posts, tried things umpteen times and in different orders. I actually went through 3 total reformats. My very first install was right after a reformat because of ZASS v8.0 beta issues, thougth the issue was with ZASS. After that I did a number of clean installs but skipped the MSConfig steps 'cause I could not fathom why they were necessary after the reformat...I think that was my downfall. I also purchased a bigger hard drive because if I was to do another reformat why not, again installation failed. I always kept going back to, because I tried it multiple times, why would I need to do a clean on a clean drive. The resolution to so many problems seems to be clean install. I just could not put the two together. And to this point I still don't know, why would the controls be missing...it's just not logical.
  6. Mark W

    Deleting Commercials Using Videowave

    No...that's just it, you missed my point. Why do I need to do a clean install when I just reformatted my hard drive and re-installed Vista, SP1, 200 patches, etc.... The purpose of a clean install is to first remove previous versions and installations. With a new hard drive, why would I need do that? I think what it is, is turning off everything in MSConfig before installing. Yes I skipped that step because it wasn't logical. There is no reason for me to turn off that stuff first...unless the install program has a severe design flaw in it. So. I'm to now download SP1 for C2009. Do I just install it? Or should I run MSConfig first and disable the world?
  7. Mark W

    Deleting Commercials Using Videowave

    Wow...the clean install worked. This is clearly a bug. New hard drive, new install of Vista, SP1, all Microsoft patches... To install C2009 Ultimate you need to first install C2009 Ultimate, then remove C2009 Ultimate, then reinstall again. If this is the proper procedure then why doesn't the installation DVD do this automatically?
  8. Mark W

    Deleting Commercials Using Videowave

    I'm currently set to 1680x1050, 96dpi, 32bits. The picture you inserted I believe is from XP, I'm running Vista certainly. The controls were missing when I had an ATI X1950 in there, also now with my ATI HD 4870. Even when installing from a brand new hard drive that never had EMC10 or C2009 Ultimate. But...I'll look at Sarah's new post here and try her suggestion she received from Tech Support, but I think I already know the outcome.
  9. How do you overwrite milcore.dll? Even in safemode after going into folder options and unclicking "Hide Protected operating system files" I still get access denied. I am part of the Admin group. I have milcore.dll on another almost identical machine, the "created" and "Accessed" timestamps changed on this one, but both files have the same "Modified" timestamps. On the machine w/o C2009 all three dates are Jan 19 2008, 12:34:49.
  10. Mark W

    Deleting Commercials Using Videowave

    After doing a clean install the controls still do NOT appear in the preview pane.
  11. Mark W

    Deleting Commercials Using Videowave

    Nope...I have this same problem: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=44213 The controls are just missing from the Preview Pane and I am unable to find where to turn them on. They're there on the box and in the documentation. I watched "Steve's Video on editing" and that's EXACTLY what I was able to do and want to do...'cept the controls are missing. Here's the link to Steve's Video: http://saknis.net/Roxio/cutting%20out%20a%...%20section.html I too am attempting a uninstall and re-install. I also have a problem ticket open with Technical support, which makes a total of four I have open with them.
  12. Mark W

    Deleting Commercials Using Videowave

    I have Roxio Creator 2009 Ultimate, the boxed set from Best Buy. Previous version is Easy Media Creator 10 Suite. The help, the box, and the manual are showing two preview panes. One with "next frame, previous frame, play", and one without. How do I enable the one with. I saw the "add chapters", and you can go in and delete the ones you don't want, join two together, that's not what I want. I want the ability I had in EMC 10 to break out video by my frame selection. I can drag the that line thing and break out video, but it's not percise. The only way to do that is to get those buttons on the preview pane and select the frame myself.
  13. I used to be able to do this with EMC 10. Import say a WMC dvr-ms file. EMC says I need to convert it to an MPG file first, that works ok, that was the biggest reason I bought EMC 10 to begin with...dvr-ms format. Then when editing the MPG file using VideoWave, you used to be able to advance frame by frame and seperate the single movie into seperate panels, then delete the panels that were commercials. The only thing I see now is the ability to trim a movie, chopping off a couple of minutes at the beginning and end. I know this is a stupid question, but how do you edit using VideoWave? Was this feature deleted in EMC 2009? The back of the box says "easily edit your movies". The picture on the flap shows the "fast rewind, previous frame, play, next frame, fast forward" buttons, but I can't find out how to enable them. I'm just missing something, can't find it in the manual, can't find it in the help.
  14. I alrady did one better than the clean install. I purchased a new hard drive, reinstalled Vista, SP1, 200 or so MS fixes, then EMC 2009. Same results on both topics. I think my next step is to replace my ATI X1950 with one of those ATI HD models...I think it will resolve one of my issues, but probably not the other.
  15. Sorry, read the entire post. The previous post I believe accused me of doing something illegal and that really ticked me off. EMC 2009 should not hang your computer when your kids leaves something in the drive. You say "I don't see how it could be that much trouble to check the drive before...". Do you have kids? Do you write software? Have you ever had to deal with auditors and federal auditors at that? Better yet, have you ever had to deal with a QA department? Everyone is in favor of covering our butts when it comes to copy protection, but some of the Guru's on this board seem to want to take things into their own hands. Imagine having to go to court because a software company decided to freeze computers without an error message and force a hard reboot because some kid left "Bambi's Magic Villiage" in the DVD drive. Hitting that reset button is a DANGEROUS thing.