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  1. I'm using Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3. Trying to burn a DVD data disk, but when I try to choose a folder (without dragging ) the drop down box only shows me a limited number of folders from disk C and I need to choose folders from E. Can't seam to find any option to choose another disk. Please advise.
  2. Thanks for youre support--I'll just drag and drop
  3. None of the boxes were checked and setting to 'default" does not change the contents when I choose folders.
  4. Thanks for you guidance. Unfortunelty the little triangle only makes the window larger, but the contents are the same. I'll just have to drag and drop.
  5. I'm not being allowed to paste an image in my reply.
  6. Hi, Yes to both your questions and thanks for you reply.
  7. I'm using Win 10 and still I don't see any option that would let me see folders in a non system disk. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks for the reply. The problem is that when I do as you instructed, I don't see the option "This PC" and I'm stuck again. I have no problem with choosing files.
  9. ameneses

    Roxio Services

    Dear users: I have the following services running on my WINXP PRO setup: Roxio harddrive watcher 9 Roxio UPnP server 9 Roxio media DB9 Roxio UPnP renderer The thing is I DON'T have presently any Roxio software installed and would like to know what to do about them as they are probably hogging resources. I notice they are installed as EXE files in programs common files. Please advice
  10. ameneses

    Roxio Services

    Dear Sir, Thank you for your reply. I did have roxio software on my computer, but not now. As I fully uninstalled the Roxio software, I don't want need or wanrt remanents on my system , I've been reluctant to delete the exe files that refer to these services. Please advice