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  1. By one round of chapter naming I meant I could successfully name the chapers of one video clip, and could not for other video clips. Sorry for not being clearer. To get to my procedure I: - click on Add New Movie - click on Edit Chapters - create my chapters (Generate chapter menu(s) and link to selected button is selected) - click on OK - then control-s the project, after that I - click on Chapter Menu link of the clip in Project View That's when it hangs (sometimes it will go to the Chapter Menu window) Am I doing it correctly?
  2. I have had the exact same issue since NXT Pro 2. I create chapters and when I click on menu page link the program hangs after managing one successful round of chapter naming. Can't even manually change the chapter names. Have had this issue on 2 HP towers. Installed NXT 3 Pro on my current HP 64-bit tower is running OS 8.1, i5 CPU, 16 GB RAM. A friend is having same issue on an HP laptop running OS 7. Any workaround suggestions?
  3. After many attempts to install Creator NXT Pro 2 on my HP Envy 700 PC (running Windows 8.1), I give up. Got to the point that I get the message that the key number had been used too many times. Installation would start out fine, but hangs up about 75% through the process. Always at the point where a shortcut to something is being installed. Like Creator, but guess I better start looking for another application.
  4. Roxio NXT Pro recognizes my burner (LG BH16), but when I insert a blank DVD for burning, the disc isn't seen (burn window indicates drive is empty). I'm running Windows 8 on an HP Envy 700-060 (10GB Ram, i5 Intel CPU). Any fixes? Thanks. MORE INFO: Discovered that NXT will burn Disk Image and Burn Data to that drive.
  5. Having same issue with Creator NXT Pro on my HP p6740f running Windows 7. Two things have me puzzled about this issue: 1) Why this issues just popped up (5/3/13) using hundreds of time since near its release date, and 2) why this is only an issue with MyDVD. All other tasks in Creator launch without a hitch. Have read all the posts and applied the registry fix for NXT Pro and still get same error message. To add to the mystery, MyDVD will launch properly if I access it via the "Send to MyDVD" button in the Edit Video - Advanced module.
  6. jimisaac

    Creator 2012 Pro Burning Hanging

    Hang as gone as long as 10 before ending task. Burning data to DVD. Using Roxio 2012 Pro burn data disc feature on PC running Windows 7.
  7. Recently my Creator 2012 burning process hanging at 98%. After a few minutes I end task, re-boot PC and retrive disc. When I insert that that in drive, it opens normal and the files burned to it functional. Is there a fix for this 98% hanging issue?
  8. jimisaac

    No Audio When Importing Mkv Video Files

    Having same issue, but a friend that has Creator 2011 installed on his laptop running Vista Home Premium is getting audio on his MKV imports in MyDVD. He has AC3filter 1.6b installed. Could it be a Windows 7 compatibility problem?
  9. That did the trick. Thanks, Larry.
  10. Have created chapters and want to create a submenu with buttons for the chapters, but the "Generate chapter menu(s) and link to selected button" check box does NOT show in my Menu Edit window. Same for "Update chapter menu(s)" check box. I'm running Vista (totally updated) on a Compaq Presario CQ60. Any suggestions?Email me
  11. Skins, thanks for second reply. Went to the page you suggested. Got everything updated. Even when to MSCONFIG and disabled startup apps. Tried to disable or change the compatibility mode setting of the Setup program, but it was disable. Reinstalled, ran the repair, but label makers still won't launch. As mention in my original post, MYDVD is working fine. In the meantime, will use another application to make labels, and be on the lookout for a software package that does the same as Creator. Might have better luck with another brand. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks for suggestion. Didn't work so will re-install.
  13. Installed Creator 2010. Label Creator (Basic and Advanced) will not launch on my laptop (see specs at end of message). Have uninstalled and re-installed the application. Including the Creator 2010SP2 update. MyDVD works fine. Any suggestions. System Info: Compaq Presario CQ60 Windows 7 Home Premium (32-Bit)
  14. jimisaac

    DVD Menu Cursor (Selector)

    Thanks, that is exactly the problem I'm having.
  15. jimisaac

    DVD Menu Cursor (Selector)

    The cursor (or icon that moves from chapter to chapter) in my DVD menus has become extremely jagged (pixilated). It does what it suppose to do, but looks as if it belongs in a Pong game. Any solution out there? (Toast Titanium 7.0.2 - running MacOS 10.4.6)