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    Converting .ts Files

    Got it! Thanks guys!
  2. 4295Hawk

    Converting .ts Files

    Sorry, not really sure what you are saying. Is videowave/my dvd part of the Creator software? Sorry, somewhat new to this.
  3. 4295Hawk

    Converting .ts Files

    Thanks for the response. But I have not purchased the Creator software yet. I want to make sure it can convert .ts first so I can hopefully save the time of two conversions (one w/video Redo and then Creator).
  4. I have many movie (audio & video) files on a hard drive in a .ts format that I would like to convert to MPEG-2 format. Can the Creator 2009 software convert .ts directly to MPEG2 or will the files first need to be converted to .avi first using some other software and then use the Creator software to take them from .avi to MPEG2? Thanks in advance.