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    Pc Blue Screens When Dvd Ejects - Dla?

    In my previous post above, I mentioned the blue screen problems I am having with roxio sonic digital media plus v.7 . When I got my computer, no CD burning software was preloaded, but included was a Roxio DVD that has Digital Media Plus and also Easy Media Creator. I chose to install the Digital Media Plus and not the Easy Media Creator. Should I install both or do I only need one, and if so, which is better? Thanks
  2. fredr

    Pc Blue Screens When Dvd Ejects - Dla?

    I too am having the problem of getting a blue screen when trying to make compatible. I am running XP Pro. I have tried reinstalling Roxio Digital Media Plus v 7 and tried uninstalling AVG 8. I don't know how to do a repair of DLA, and I'm don't know what you mean by "ensure your native CD recording for XP is disabled. This happens both with CD R and DVDs.