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    Failure error after burning.

    Verbatim brand is popular among the DVD-burning crowd. Or look at the manufacturer's homepage for your DVD drive model and see if they have some brands they've tested out and recommend. Personally, I like Taiyo-Yuden as do a few others here. T-Y's produce practically error free burns for me (eg, DVDInfoPro, PIavg=10, PIFavg=0) but you can't find them in local stores. There's plenty of online stores where you can buy T-Y, here's the one I use. Lance *****
  2. I'm not sure but I may have stumbled upon a fix for this problem. To put it accurately, I can't recreate the problem any longer after installing this download from MS: MS Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable This problem was occurring on just my work computer and started to occur on my home computer. It cleared up on both computers after installation. I stumbled upon this when I noticed that ATI has just started including this redistributable package with the latest Catalyst Suite. I normally don't use the Catalyst Suite, I just download and install the latest drivers. This time around I downloaded and installed the whole Catalyst package and found CC9 working OK. The "Add" button still doesn't work for folders with a large number of files, but otherwise no more loopy windows, disappearing headers and lock ups. [workaround - just highlight and drag the files from the Source window to the Project window] There are a rare few of us with this problem. I hope they see this post, try installing the redistributable and report back. BTW, the redistributable package does not update mfc71u.dll - I still have the same version as before. Lance *****
  3. lehill

    Classic Creator, Easy Media Creator 9.1

    I'm not sure which poster this question is directed. The thread referenced here has the complete history of the problem and attempts at fixes. Briefly, this is a download version of EMC9.0 updated to v9.1. System restore is turned off, Roxio services are set to manual, all drivers downloaded from manufacturer web sites, EMC9 installed on a freshly reformatted hard disk (WinXP Pro) with AV disabled. Problem occurs with 2 different video cards (ATi X800, X1950). Lance *****
  4. lehill

    Classic Creator, Easy Media Creator 9.1

    My problem is similar to yours and I don't have a fix, but a workaround that may work for you. Refer to post #6 in this thread. FWIW, one user with the same problem has stated that CC v10 works fine. Lance *****
  5. For those of us with this problem, there is no relief given by the Roxio 9.1 update - not that any was promised. I have installed the 9.1 update with no change - well, the version number of creator9.exe in the Event Viewer error log is now The installation of 9.1 was uneventful. Lance *****
  6. Nope, sorry. I'm still at an impasse. I've switched to Nero Express for my data disk needs. Lance *****
  7. I've got a hang problem with Creator Classic 9 and am finding it tough to fix. All the other software in the EMC9 Suite appear to work fine. I can even burn CDs using "Data Disk" in the Home window. All other applications on this computer are working fine too. What happens is that when I open CC9 and start working on a project the buttons in the CC9 Window will change background color to black, the file list headers will disappear and CC9 will lock up. Occasionally, the CC9 window looks like it becomes maximized and my monitor screen will go white with a few project files listed, but I can't really tell because there's no window border or title bar. This behavior never repeats exactly the same if I try reopening and working with CC9 again. Killing creator9.exe with the Task Manager results in the error "The instruction at <varies> referenced memory at <varies>. The memory could not be 'read'" (or 'written'). The Event Viewer consistently logs the same error: Faulting application creator9.exe, version, faulting module mfc71u.dll, version 7.10.3077.0, fault address 0x00036916. This started happening on my computer at work about 2-3 weeks ago and the same install was working fine one week and then pooped out the next. My EMC9 install at home is working fine. I have tried the following to fix the problem without change: - EMC9 repair install - video driver updates - un-/re-register mfc71u.dll (this is a .NET dll and can't be registered - try it yourself) - rename all instances of mfc71u.dll EXCEPT the one in c:\windows\system32 - uninstall/reinstall .NET Framework 1 & 2 - Uninstall EMC9, registry/folder cleanup, reinstall - Turned off AV during another clean reinstall - Reformat and reinstall Windows XP SP2 Out of desperation I'm about ready to install the Roxio hotfix that was released a couple months ago. Before I do that I thought I'd better check here first for anything else I may have missed. Lance ***** This is my work computer having problems. Here are the specs: - Pent D 3GHz, 3x160 GB hard disks (2 are RAID 0), 2GB RAM, ATI X800 Pro video, Intel D955XBK motherboard, IE7, all Windows updates.
  8. lehill

    Hard Drive Too Busy in the Background

    Chop that 45 min video into smaller segments, say 10-20 minutes long. VideoWave is constantly creating new previews from that looong video - that's what's keeping it so busy. Lance *****
  9. At work some of our computers use a Novell application server for MS Office and Adobe. Our version of Novell client is not compatible with IE7 - this means no IE7 until IT Dept figures a fix. Lance *****
  10. lehill

    Please help, Runtime error

    Next time you should probably start a new topic. This might be two separate problems since it occurs with 8 & 9. See here to fix your EMC9 problem: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=10778 Lance *****
  11. lehill

    simple question before I upgrade to EMC9

    As we're so fond of saying here - size means nothing in video editing. Time is a better indicator of whether a project will fit on a DVD. EMC will convert the file to DVD-compliant MPEG and try to use the best bitrate (or quality setting) it can to make it fit to a DVD. You can get about 1 hr of "SP" quality onto a regular DVD no matter what size file you're using. Almost 2 hr with high compression but lower quality. Where people get into trouble is when they have a 3hr DivX file that's only 10KB in size (or something like that) and wonder why MyDVD can't fit it on a DVD. Just a suggestion, do something really simple for your first project and use a DVD-RW so you can make all the mistakes you want without making coasters. Use VideoWave to edit out the commercials and MyDVD to create ("author") the DVD. Have a good video card with the latest drivers and the latest DirectX from MS. Use the tutorials and ask a lot of questions. Lance *****
  12. lehill

    DVD Builder

    We can all guess the future of V7 then In a few weeks when IE7 becomes an automatic update, there should probably be a sticky posted letting people know what needs to be done to get V7 working again. Lance *****
  13. lehill

    Image Writing Operation Error while Burning Image

    The Matshita UJ-820S is an OEM "slim" or notebook drive. According to the Panasonic site the OP would have to contact the notebook manufacturer for firmware updates. Certainly worth a try. Lance *****
  14. lehill

    Image Writing Operation Error while Burning Image

    Same advice as before (post #11). Lance *****
  15. lehill

    DVD Printer

    Thanks, it was my dog's fault. He doesn't type all that well. Lance *****