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    problem with toast 8

    I've had this problem with toast 8 since I bought it. I should note that I do not have the same problem with popcorn 2. If I select a ts file in toast and then choose options I get a screen that I should be able to scan the movie. I get that same screen in popcorn 2. The problem is when I use that screen to scan the movie I can not move forward by chapter, nor can I close out the movie by using the stop option. I can with Popcorn 2. The scanning feature in Toast 8 will only let me watch the whole movie. The problem exists with both 8 and 8.01.
  2. regismcd

    Popcorn 2 VS Toast Titanium

    Toast titanium is a lot more reliable.
  3. regismcd

    I get nothing but disk errors

    Attentive yes, helpful no. If you look at the date of my first post on this issue (April 15th) there has been no solutions. Granted I have not posted for awhile although l have been reading other people's problems and many have been similar to mine. I stand by my last post. I don't know of any other programs in OS X where you are deleting preferences in order to get any results. What solutions have been presented here other than the tried and true mantra "Try different media."
  4. regismcd

    I get nothing but disk errors

    Just an update on my disk errors ! I've gotten into a routine now that requires that I trash the whole application of Popcorn 2 every few days. I have to go searching for all of the related plists and preferences for both Toast and Popcorn just to get the Popcorn program to work again. This is really annoying as I have never had to trash a program and reinstall it since the Mac OS 9 days. I've been using OS X for about 4 years now and Popcorn 2 is the only program that seems to get "corupted". What's also annoying is that as I read this web page many others seem to have similar problems and I have yet to see any real constructive advice coming from you folks at Roxio. I know that you are all well trained to say "It's the media" to every person who has a problem, but how about looking at your own program and make the right fix. This program was just not ready for prime time.
  5. regismcd

    I get nothing but disk errors

    It's still working.
  6. regismcd

    I get nothing but disk errors

    I trashed the whole app again; trashed all plists related to Toast and Popcorn and for that matter anything Roxio. I then reinstalled the app to a partition of a disk with more room ( I always had the temporary storage going to a partition with plenty of GBs but the app was in a partition with about 5 GB. It's now in a partition with about 20 GB. everything seems to work for now. I'm pulling out original disks from my library that I had already backed up to try it out and so far I've been able to back up 3 disks in a row. Fingers crossed
  7. regismcd

    I get nothing but disk errors

    Just an update: I trashed the whole application and reinstalled Popcorn 2. It finally worked and hopefully it will continue to work. oops Popcorn 2 is failing again. I spoke too soon !!!
  8. regismcd

    I get nothing but disk errors

    I tried everything that you suggested and it just does not work. Same disk error. I deleted all of the plists from both popcorn and toast and relaunched popcorn. I tried to burn a TS file that was only 4.27GB that is "identical to original" and early on I get the disk error. This time however it destroyed the disk so I put a new disk and burned with toast with no problems.
  9. regismcd

    I get nothing but disk errors

    The error that I am getting is: This drive reported an error Sense Key = Medium Error Sense Code = 0x73, 0x03 In regard to Toast format it's "DVD-Video from Video_TS". I never have problems with this. In terms of write speed I always use 4x DVD Under advanced I have "Buffer underrun protection" checked and "Display Recorder Settings before writing" checked. I also have have audio write mode checked for "TAO" In Popcorn 2 the Video Source is "Video_TS Folder". I have Fit to DVD video Compression checked. In terms of write speed I have tried 4x DVD, 2x DVD and 1x DVD Under advanced I have "Buffer underrun protection" checked and "Display Recorder Settings before writing" checked.
  10. regismcd

    I get nothing but disk errors

    I'm putting the results on both boards to see if anyone else has an idea. I removed the plists, repaired permissions and I still have the same problem with Popcorn 2. I put in a third type of media, Imation, and went through the steps and I got a media error that indicated that the disk failed. I quit Popcorn and launched Toast choosing the same TS folder and this time I tried the same disk that allegedly failed. Toast worked flawlessly.
  11. regismcd

    I get nothing but disk errors

    I upgraded to Popcorn 2.0 this week and I have gotten nothing but disk errors. I'll try to burn a disk with Popcorn 2 and get a disk error and go back to using Toast 7 and I'll get a flaewless burn every time. I've tried two different kinds of media, Taiyo Yuden and Ritek. Both brands are recognized to be among the very best. Needless to say I am very dissappointed. G4 / Mac OSX 10.4.6 Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-108 revision 1.20