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  1. One more thing to try. Create a new User Account (via the Accounts panel in System Preferences) and log into that account. You'll need to place those videos and pictures in your new account or (I believe) put the in your User>Public>Drop Box folder from your older account in order to make them available. Then see if they work with Toast.


    I have an application called CaptyDVD 2 that does encoding of video and still images for video DVD. It's available at pixela-1.com. Unfortunately there is no trial version and no refund policy. It has better menus than Toast and allows you to set specific chapter marker points. Otherwise it is more difficult.


    Well, I ended up using iDVD to author the DVD (iLife '09 version). It was actually very easy to use and it automatically creates animated menus based on your videos which look pretty amazing. Unfortunately, it took 5 hours to render the menus! (and my MacBook isn't what I'd call weak... 2.2 GHz Intel dual core w/ 4 GBs RAM)


    Anyway, just out of curiosity I tried your suggestion for my Toast problem involving creating a new account and.... it worked! So, you solved the problem after all. Thanks for your persistence. Though I didn't end up using it for this project, I will definitely remember it for future reference.

  2. I don't know what to suggest. What happens if you choose Save as Disc Image from the Data window and then mount the disc image and drag the ones from the disc image to the Video window?


    Just tried this. It gives me the same error message. :angry: Thanks for trying to help... I'm completely stumped. If I had another Mac, I would try it on that one, but unfortunately this is my only Mac, and Toast isn't available for the PC. Ah well. Know any other decent Mac software that will do what I'm trying to accomplish?

  3. My understanding is you have multiple videos and still images that you're trying to burn as a video DVD. Have you checked if Toast is having this problem with all the files or just one or a few? You can choose Save as Disc Image to run this kind of test to see what gets through.


    You might try opening the files in some other application (such as MPEG Streamclip for the videos and iPhoto for the images) and choose Save as... to resave them as new files.


    Yes, I have videos and pics I want to burn as a video DVD. I did some testing using using your Save as Disc Image suggestion and discovered that no matter what video or still image file I drag into the compilation, I still get the same error (I tried a few individual files from the memory stick and then several other unrelated JPEG, QuickTime movie files, and MP3s that I know were created on the Mac). However, if I try to create a Data disc and add any of the files that gave me the error when I tried to add them to the video disc, it works. This leads me to believe that the problem is not with the files, but with Toast's process of converting files to a video DVD.

  4. Hi all,


    I'm having a frustrating problem after installing the 9.0.4 update for Toast Titanium. I am trying to take still images and videos from a camera's memory stick and create a video DVD out of them. This is a simple drag 'n drop affair with Toast, but unfortunately when I go to burn my DVD (which actually starts the encoding process to turn the files into a video DVD) I am getting the following error message:

    Could not record the disc because you do not have the required access permissions


    Result Code = -5000


    I have tried remedying this in several ways, including deleting the Toast preferences file in User\Library\Preferenes, running Disk Utility and trying to Fix Permissions, and manually setting the permissions on all the files as well as the folder containing them. The permissions are all set to "Read & Write" for both "matt" (my username) and "everyone" for all the files and the containing folder. I have also tried using the Media Browser to add the files to my compilation instead of dragging and dropping, but none of these helped.


    I'm not sure if this would have anything to do with it, but I copied the files to my MacBook's hard drive in kind of a convoluted way. First, I copied the files from the camera's memory stick to another computer on the network (a PC), since the MacBook doesn't have a memory card reader. Then I copied the files over the network from the PC to my MacBook. I'm not sure if this would mess with the file permissions in any way, but since I manually changed the permissions on the Mac I would think I fixed it. But I am still getting the error message.


    This is quite frustrating, and any help would be appreciated. Thanks!