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    New Features Help

    I paid the 39 bucks, and have two programs installed one takes me to the online version, the other is more of a stand alone program. My question is this: The online version seems to have more/better themes and such, can I download this to the stand alone version???? Thanks
  2. prince000

    Online Photoshow Question Before Buying Help

    Thanks, I guess I'll give it a try!!!
  3. Can I buy photoshow 5 and not use the online stuff, just the stand alone. Does everything work as a stand alone, I see people talking about downloading there stuff so they can burn to DVD, cant you just make some local and burn it??? Thanks, I am buying today based on the responce.
  4. prince000

    Photoshow 4 Dvd Add-on

    Is there an add-on so I can burn DVD'd with photoshow 4 deluxe. I got this from comcast.net, I use to have photoshow 5 and bought the add-on, but lost it when computer crashed and cant remember email address I used or credit card number I used it was a while back...