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  1. I'm getting the error message mentioned in the subject line indicating the DVD drive is busy. This is happening after using Backup MYPC to backup files. It's almost as though it's not freeing up the drive. Restarting Backup MYPC does not fix the problem - only restarting windows overcomes the problem. Anyone else seen this behavior / have suggestions? Thanks Bennie Gibson
  2. bennie gibson

    Sonic Backup Mypc "current Device Is Unavailable"

    I've just learned that this is related to my other post regarding "Data Disc" failing. Both Backup and Data Disc are failing if the length of the pathnames is too long. I moved the folder structure to be backed up to the root of the hard drive and the problem goes away.
  3. I'm trying to create a backup using Roxio Backup MYPC (BUMP) 2006 - Data Disc to DVD. When I "ADD" a folder, it SEEMS to work. But when I check, not all folders and files are included in the list to be copied to the DVD. For example, I ADD folder named MHBackup20081129_204927640 which has 4 subfolders 0, 1, 2, 3 - only subfolder 0 is included and so on down the subfolders. It's almost as if BUMP is only bringing in the top folder in a list down to the end of the subfolders. Am I missing something here? This behavior makes BUMP useless for Data Disc copies of files. Thanks, Bennie Gibson
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    Backup Mypc Doesn't Get All Folders Files With Data Disc?

    It does appear the pathname length is the problem. In fact, both data disc and backup are failing. I moved the folder structure being backed up to the root for the hard drive and the backup worked. Most interesting was the error BACKUP gave me "device is unavailable" implying the DVD was not ready. So - lesson learned, don't have so many subfolders... Thanks for all the input, Bennie
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    Backup Mypc Doesn't Get All Folders Files With Data Disc?

    It's stand-alone Backup MYPC 2006. OUCH - new folder in the project layout for a 4+GB set of folders and files. That's a bunch of folders to create. I'll try testing a different set of folders and files to see if it's this particular set of folders and files causing the problem. It sounds like your reply is... "this should work" and BUMP should be copying all sub-folders - correct? Also - isn't "Data Disc" in BUMP 2006 really just the Data Disc application from Sonic's RecordNow? Thanks for your reply. One additional update... I just realized my company laptop has Roxio DigitalMidea LE on it (with the data disc application). I tried to create the same data disc project and got this error "One or more of your selected fields could not be added to the project". Looks like the same folder structure was placed in the project. Maybe this rings a bell for someone out there? Thanks, Bennie
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    Backup Mypc Doesn't Get All Folders Files With Data Disc?

    Hi Lynn, Sorry - I just figured the "Data Disc" term would clue readers in - I should have been more explicit. I'm using BUMP Data Disc to copy specific folders / files to a DVD as a backup. I am NOT using the "BACKUP" feature which requires BUMP to do the restore. The problem is that, for some reason, when I select a folder using the Data Disc "ADD" function, not all the subfolders under the folder are included in the project to be copied to disc. Thanks, Bennie