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    Viewing A Slideshow

    Hi, I was sent a slide show to view. The pictures say walgreens, but when I click on it, it takes me to Roxio. I click on the slide show and it wants to download activex, which I have done several times. It says I have it on my computer. So I think I am good there. I went and made my own slide show and emailed it to myself and can view it just fine. Is there a problem with his email link? Or do I need to do something different. I also sent the email to my laptop with a different email address and it shows the same error. Need to down load Active x. Which it has also. But could view mine just fine. The first picture in his email shows, and gives you different options on how to get to the link. None work. If he is a premium member, does that make a difference in me viewing it??? I also went to the walgreens site and downloaded their picture program, with their active x and it made no difference. http://www.photoshow.net/view/WknbaZKmh The above it the link that was sent through my email with the first picture showing. Thanks Stumble Leena +