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  1. Using Toast I can successfully burn cds on the external burner. And DVD-Rs in the internal burner. But for >4x DVD burns, or DL DVD's, i.e. those requiring external burners, I am stuck.
  2. I get the following message from Toast 7.0.2 on my new intel macbook pro, in combination with an external DVD-burner (an NEC DVDRW ND3520A) which has never given me problems. "Interface Error -50: The connection is not stable" and the following message in my dmesg output: Apr 17 18:27:19 my-computer kernel[0]: (59: coreservicesd)tfp: failed on 0: ATHR: beacon miss causing loss of connection Addendum: Is this a wifi message? I don't have this problem when burning CD roms on the external drive. I don't have problems with the internal drive either. I've tried different cords, and used the USB2 and Firewire cabling (my external enclosure has both). Same problem. Is this a Roxio problem, a hardware problem or an Apple Macbook problem? The macbook pro is the newest element of the problem space.