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    Emc9 Drive Not Recognized

    Yes. Thank you. I am in contact with Dell and will come back with the result, hopefully next week.
  2. crazygerman

    Emc9 Drive Not Recognized

    Does that mean, EMC9 is not available as OEM? For me it makes sense to deliver SW with a DVD RW drive.
  3. crazygerman

    Emc9 Drive Not Recognized

    I dont know, what "full version" exactly is. Yes, Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 was installed, but did not work. Dell does not believe me as well.
  4. crazygerman

    Emc9 Drive Not Recognized

    No, I did not before. But now I have with these results/remarks: 1. I installed discSpeed, recocnizes drive, benchmark works. 2. New URL: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f96/cd-dvd-speed-user-guide-192563/ 3. Seems to be not applicable for SATA? 4. I had not deeinstalled anything. Windows and other programs can access the drive. 5. Did try PX Engine 4.10.28a already before, makes no difference. 6. Don't undestand, why should I uninstall IE or Media Player? I did not try this. 7. I installed ImgBurn. It recognizes the drive and runs fine. I burned and tested 1 rewritable ISO image. 8. Uninstalled and installed it. 9. Obsolete link, could not find Nero info tool. 10. n.a. 11. n.a. 12. Deinstalled and installed again. 13. n.a. As result the drive is recognized now by Roxio Creator 9. This SW works now. So far I am happy and would like to thank for the fast response and help. But now I have an other problem to be solved with Dell: They delivered me the wrong installation-CD containing "Roxio Creator 9.0 DE". The preinstalled "Roxio Easy Media Creator 9" is gone now :-(( And I still cannot Burn Video DVDs with Roxio (correct?). Unfortunately I didnt realize before that these are different SW packages. I am currently trying to figure that out with Dell doing a total factory reset of the Notebook. I hope to find the preinstalled SW again and try to convince Dell to deliver the right CD. This will take some time and I will come back when I have furter information.
  5. I have a Latitude E6400, German Windows Vista Home Basic SP1, with Drive "TSST corp DVD+-RW TS-U633A" and the German Version "Roxio Easy Media Creator 9" as delivered by Dell in October 2008. EMC9 says to me "Es wurde kein Laufwerk erkannt" (no drive recognized). I tried alredy "PX Engine 4.10.28a" with no change. Windows and other Programs can use the drive. E.g. Pinnacle Studio 10 can burn DVDs on the drive, so the hardware works fine. What can I do? please help.