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  1. Here are my two issues... First, when I go to Edit Video-Advanced.. I get "ERROR: Unable to load skin" Second, when I go to "Video-Movies", then "Import", then "Capture Video" I get Runtime Error Program...6)\Roxio Creator 2009\media Import 11\media Capture 11.exe After reading some other issues like this on here, I alread checked my regional language.. and its English (US). Please help. Thanks, Rick By the way.. I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium, Service pack 2.. hope that helps.
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    I tried to load up the program... it opened. Went to "Edit Video" and a box pops up that says "unable to load skins". There also a couple other error messages when i try to get into other areas. I uninstalled the program, then re installed. Same result. Anyone? Thanks
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    A Little Help Please

    When I go to 'EXPORT' my video, here is where I am at and what I am doing. DESTINATION: I choose 'video file' PURPOSE: I choose 'all' VIDEO FILE QUALITY: I have no idea... trying a bunch of different times using different settings And thats it. So far one ive uploaded the quality was real bad, so im trying other setting. As far as making the DVD... I just remember burning to the drive. I'll have to go back and see what I had in there. I just think it could be a little more informative for what you want to do. I tried looking in the book for specific words for what I want to do.... but not much luck there either. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I bought Roxio Creator 2009 for 2 reasons. To upload our racing videos to youtube and to create a single DVD with many of our races on it... edited to my liking of course. Problem #1) I can create a 'movie' with all the footage I've uploaded, but when it comes to burning it to a DVD, I can't seem to designate the correct settings so it will play on a DVD player. I can make one that plays on any computer all day long. Problem #2) Same as above pretty much, but I need to know what to make the settings to save it on my computer so I can then upload it to Youtube. Any help is greatly appreciated. Rick