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    Music Disc Burning (All Files Not Accessible)

    Good thought but all are .wav and original source files play fine. If Roxio is corruptng them and having a directory problem, don't know. Did convert some files to mono which kept the project lengthy the same. This did allow another title to be accessable. Why is Roxio asking for only a burn disk when it doesn't seem to recognize an error?
  2. bkohrn1

    Music Disc Burning (All Files Not Accessible)

    My error. 700 MB CDR. Transition gaps are all set at the default "0.0". Functionally missing ~100 Mb on the disk (larger than the expected 20 Mb needed to close a UDF session on the RW burner. This situation is new: other music disc projects written with the same gaps are fine.
  3. Multiple .wav files on CD shortened with the Edit Audio slider bars to fit 79 minute 58 seconds on 800 MB CDR disc. Burns less than short of the full track list and only 68 minutes shown on the CD player. Same thing happens with Roxio 2009. Tried editing merging tracks to reduce number of files in the directory and removing raw data excluded from the final burn BTW, other projects with larger file numbers have been successful to the full final size and run time with the same brand media and burn speeds. The product doesn't seem to recognise a problem and the final truncated disc is still playable
  4. bkohrn1

    .dmsa File Find Problem

    Thanks for the information. Back to the store it goes then on to Ebay for version 10
  5. Old .dmsa file created under EMC v.10 will load in the 2009 version and find music that hadn't changed HD location but those that did have a problem. Entering new file location when requested under "browse" with different path will find the song but, even if "saved", the program always requests the new file location every time the file is reaccessed under "play". Why can't it learn the new location permanently?
  6. bkohrn1

    Rip Lock Up

    Ripping CD from .wav to .wav locks without doing anything. Have to Ctl-alt-del / task manager to close out the program