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  1. I installed MYDYD 10 only this morning & had the same experience. The whole process took just over an hour to install. Think you have to be patient with this software. It's the longest installation time of any software I've ever had.
  2. Hi Daza, I had exactly the same problem with some preinstalled Roxio software that came on my laptop. It was a stepped down version of Easy Media Creator (minus the DVD burning part). Everytime I opened it I got error messages saying files were missing and I had to shut these down each time in order to make the programme run. I never did find out what the problem was or how to get rid of it but I have since just bought another DVD burning programme of Rozio's which I installed last night & hope it's going to get rid of this annoying problem.
  3. Hi, I just bought & downloaded the latest Copy & Convert. When I went to copy the first DVD from a file saved on my HDD it got 90% of the way through the burning process then opened the DVD drawer as though the burning was finished & the disc was ruined & I had to start all over again. It did the same thing the 2nd time. Why wont this complete the burning process properly? It was a large film but it showed that it would all fit on the disc plus I check marked the option to use a second disc if it wouldn't complete it all on the first. But this just bombed out completely! Have I just wasted my money here..?
  4. Brendon, thank you, thank you, thank you! I didn't know about the refund policy but have sent a request away right away to get rid of this thing. So what do you recommend I get in it's place. I had Easy Media Creator 9 before but it got lost in a computer that got destroyed (power surge) yes in one of those tropical storms we had. I tried to get another copy from Roxio/Digital River but got nowhere w/them! I have a movie that I want to copy and it's 1 minute over the length that Windows DVD takes so can't copy it without the ability to trim it or get an extended play version copier. Is EMC 10 worth the money..???
  5. Brendon, yes it's definately Copy & Convert which I bought fromroxio.com. if you have a look under their Product Page you will see that it isa still available. I paid 79.00 (Australian dollars) for it. I have just tried a 3rd movie which processed 96% but ejected the disc because it didn't finalise the movie. I was hoping to get the Extended Play option which my old Roxio software had in another computer but this program doesn't even seem to have that. I already have DVD burning facilities w/ Windows Media so it wasn't necessary to buy this just for normal DVD burning. But it wont even do that so it's pretty much useless I think.