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    Roxio Restore fails

    Yes, I understand how to use it. That's not the problem. The Roxio Restore application aborts. I can't launch it, and thus can't select anything. When it launches, it bounces a couple of times. A second icon shows up in the dock and Roxio Restore immediately disappears (both icons in the dock go away).
  2. wesp16039x

    Roxio Restore fails

    I just created a 2 DVD spanned backup of an image file. When I launch Roxio Restore, it bounces a couple of times, then just quits. There are no error messages - it just goes away. There does not appear to be a crash dump created. How do I resolve this? Did I just waste two DVD's? Mac OS X 10.4.6 2GB memory Dual 1.25 Ghz MDD Toast 7.0.2