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    Label Creator "add" Menu

    Just checked it out and your solution worked great... Thanks
  2. dmg52

    Label Creator "add" Menu

    Wow that was quick, I appreciate the help, I will give that a try as soon as I can get back on my other computer. Thank you,
  3. dmg52

    Label Creator "add" Menu

    I'm running EMC10 on a Desktop PC running XP Home. All applications appear to operate properly, except the Label Creator. When I open that application, the "add" text, rectangle, etc menus in the upper left corner of the screen are greyed out and will not "add" the feature I click. This is for preparing a lable for the DVD itself. I can take a label created on one of my other computers and open the .jwl file and those previously greyed out items are now working. Not sure why or how this is happening. I have found that if as long as I keep doing a "save as", I can keep using the Label Creator, but I can't start from scratch. Any ideas about what I can do to correct this, or maybe explain further, in the event I'm not coming through clearly. Thanks