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  1. This is a problem that just started 2 days ago. I had 2009, then updated to 2010 because I use Windows 7. Every time I try to burn a data DVD it stops at 6% and the drive speed goes down to .3X or lower. All the drivers are up to date and I have tried to burn to 3 different writers. I even tried Magic Iso to make iso's and burn but that stopped at 8% and then quit. I then tried to create an iso to a HD and thaat wouldn't finish. This is just an odd situation I hve never encountered. I can burn iso's with no problems.
  2. plarson57

    Roxio Creator 2009 Stops Dat aburn at 6%

    Thanks but the version doesn't matter. I installe 2010 this morning and at 6% it still stops. Goes from 8X plus down to even .1X and just hangs at 6%. I have used Roxio for no problems and all of a sudden... The disc image burn seems to work fine....data is the problem
  3. Hi all. I have been using Roxio Creator 2009 since it came out. All of a sudden today when I tried to burn a data dvd (+R) it stopped at 6% and just sits there. I tried several times and ended up un-installing , reinstalling and updating to service pack 4 but every disc stops at 6%. Speeds starts out fine and goes down to .2X or even worse... I am using Windows 7. Any advice would be appreciated
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    Roxio 2009 Ultimate And Vista

    Well thanks for the quick response.
  5. All, I have read requirements for Roxio 2009 Ultimate and it says Vista Basic. I just ordered a new desktop with Vista Premium SP1. Is only Vista Basic supported or does this work with Vista premium as well? Just not sure since the requirements seem to be so specific. Thanks for any help.