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    Photoshow 5

    I got that message, called and got it reactivated and then it worked for a few copies. But now it won't work again. It gets to the "burning" phase and then doesn't burn and also won't cancel. Any ideas???
  2. MarshaMc

    Dvd Burning Issues

    I too am having DVD burning issues. I did get 4 copies to burn, but one came out distorted. When I asked for help from Roxio, they suggested going into msconfig and disabling al the start ups and trying it again. I tried that unsuccessfully. Then they said to upgrade my DVD drivers. Did that as well to no avail. Now that I've done those things, I can't get it to burn at all I read somewhere in Forum about a 3020 version of Photoshow 5. Where do you get this and what effect will reloading it have on my created shows??