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    Pc Blue Screens When Dvd Ejects - Dla?

    Thanks for the details. So what about using programs like Final Burner or Deep Burner or Roxio for burning session DVD's like for photography. Are they all using Packet-Writing for session DVD's? I've at least learned over time that I do not like a combined CD/DVD RW Drive. I'd like them separate next time. Each time I want to burn a CD, I have to right click on my drive and enable CD Burning on this drive by dragging and dropping, or disable it to burn DVDs. I believe that when I disable the "Allow CD Burning on this Drive", I can no longer drag & drop or even burn CD's... it only recognizes it as a DVD Drive. I guess as cheap as the pen drives etc are, as you mentioned, it would be a great way to store things instead of DVDs/CDs. Just not as cheap as discs.
  2. timbuk2

    Pc Blue Screens When Dvd Ejects - Dla?

    I don't believe I have any Roxio Software on my machine except Sonic, but I do have to use DLA in order to drag & drop. I tried uninstalling it, and could never figure out how to drag & drop files to my DVD drive for quick data burning. I frequently get the BSOD on my Toshiba Laptop Windows XP Media when I eject a CD or DVD; whether I've just burnt it or whether I was just reviewing files on it. I use Avast Anti Virus and Super Anti Spyware and Spyware Blaster, but use them on other machines with no problem. I've got to where I am afraid to eject a disc until I close all other programs and windows, which doesn't seem to matter. Sometimes it just doesn't do it, and sometimes it does... can't seem to detect a pattern. Tim