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  1. Forgive me as I am a new viewer of this forum. I dont see where or how to ask a new question. Can someone instruct me where I can enter a new topic? Thx/John
  2. kaitak

    Editing Slide Show

    By "Greyed Out" I mean there are icons for slides and they are numbered but have no slide in them. It's almost as if when I deleted a slide the pgm left a blank place for it at the end of the slide show. BTW...I use Slide Show Assistant to organize my slides as I find it a lot easier to move lots of slides around using it rather than Videowave. Am I missing something? John/Chicago
  3. kaitak

    Editing Slide Show

    I created a slide show using Slide Show Assistant. I resequenced all my slides (85) no pblm. Then I went to Videowave to do my editing. I added my audio and panned slides individually; no pblm. Then i added some additional movie files. Everything is great. My issue is that in Storyline view there are a number of greyed out slides appearing after my last slide. what are these greyed out slides? Shoulf I delete them? thx in advance John/Chicago
  4. kaitak

    Dropping Slides From Dvd

    Further to my previous request...after browsing the Discussion Files I think my problem can be best described as 'Dropped Frames'. I've done everything suggested in various threads ie; disable anti virus software and any other unneeded pgms. The results are the same...towards the end of my project, there are a number of 'dropped frames'. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance/John
  5. To begin with, I've used 2011 for quite a while with little or no pblm. However, my current project is causing me significant problems. Here's where I am: My current project has 4 individual slide shows that I want to burn on a DVD. Here's my process: 1. Due to limitations of my PC I burn the DVD in a two step process rather than a single one. 2. First I create individual slide shows and save them as an individual ISO files. 3. Then I combine the individual slide shows into a single ISO file using the 'Create DVD' icon on the main menu. I apply an appropriate menu and audion too. When I previw (play) the individual slide shows everything looks/sounds great. 4. Then I burn the resulting ISO file (contains all the individual files) using the 'Burn Disc Image' icon. Everything goes well and I get a 'project successful' msg and the DVD is done. The pblm is that when I play the DVD in my DVD player, several slides are missing. I get a black screen for the missing slides and then the show continues on with good slides. Several slides are missing and it appears to be random. Every DVD I burn different slide will be missing. I'm particularly confused since when I preview the consolidate slide show, everything is great. BTW...When I add these slide shows to the DVD in step 3. I add them as 'movies'. One more issue...how can I add a 5th slide show to the menu of the DVD? I will appreciate any help someone can give me. John
  6. kaitak

    Space Problem While Burning Dvd

    Thanks for the individual screen shots. Sometime a picture is worth a thousand words. I think my problem in in screen shot 2. When I get this screen I click on 'Existing project" but when the system displays the contents of my "My Videos" folder my project isn't there. My project was saved as a DMSM file. Does this make a difference? Thanks again for your patience. John
  7. kaitak

    Space Problem While Burning Dvd

    Thanks for the help but please forgive me, I'm having difficulty following your directions. Old age proably! here's what I'm doing: 1. From the HOME page I'm clicking on the "Create DVDs" icon. The one with the movie frame on top of the disk. 2. This bring up the "MY DVD" page. At this point I get lost. I cant find any page with a BURN option. Where am I going wrong? Thx for your patience John Chicago
  8. kaitak

    Space Problem While Burning Dvd

    Thanks for the advise. I'd like to try the ISO option. Where/how do i save the file as an ISO file? Do I do it from within Videowave? I looked in the 'save as' option in videowave and there dosen't seem to be an ISO option. John
  9. I've finally got to the point of burning my forst 2011 DVD! However, when I pressed the BURN button i got the following error..."Not enough hard-disk space for temporary files" Bummer! Evidently 2011 uses the C drive for temporary files in the burning process. Unfortunately my C drive is almost full. I've moved everyting I can but with no luck. When we installed 2011 we had to put it on the D drive because the C was so full. Roxio Tech Suport helped me with this. Any ideas on how I can proceed or do I need to call tech support? Thx/John in Chicago
  10. kaitak

    Need Advice On How To Prodeed

    Let me restate my question...isn't it more tedious to rearrange (resequense) slides in videowave vs Slideshow assistant? Thx/John
  11. kaitak

    Need Advice On How To Prodeed

    Thank you for your promt reply. It seems to me that if I have a lot of manipulation of the slides ie: deleting and resequencing, that it takes a lot longer in Videowave than in Assistant. Am i correct? John
  12. kaitak

    Encoding Error 8004520C

    My file is pretty short...only abut 10 minutes. I have found that requencing slides in Videowave is very slow vs Slide show asst. That's whi I use the Asst. Am I ding something wrong? John
  13. I just purchased Roxio 2011 and before I plunge in I thought I'd check with the experts to see if I'm going about it the right way. In the past I've used 2009 to create slide show DVD's with jpeg photos and short movies,. Here's the procedure I've used in the past. 1. First I use Slide Show Assistant to import my slides. 2. Then I sequence the slides in the right order . I set the default duration to what I want and uncheck the PAN option. I do not add and music at this point. When done I save it as a Project. 3. Next step, I edit the file using VideoWave. 4. I set the panning for each slide individually, add any movies (I couldn't add them in Slide show assisitant), and add my music. 5. When done I play the file and make any adjustments until I'm happy with the result. 6. Then I save the file. 7. When I'm ready to burn the DVD I access the file and click on the BURN DVD icon. Roxio then starts the process by encoding all the content and then burns the DVD. My question is, am I doing the right procedure or is there a better way. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have. John
  14. I'm using Roxio 9 to create DVDs of slide shows and movies from vacations. I've done this in the past with good results using just slides; now I want to add movies. Here's what I've done: 1. used the 'slide show asst' to create my slide show. I also added movies. Preview looks great. 2. used Videowave to individually Pan slides in a customized fashion. Also added music. Preview looks great. 3. I deleted the first and last slides that had been autogenerated in the 'slide show assistant' and created my own 'opening' and 'closing' slides. 4. Then added music tracks. Preview looks and sounds great. 5. When I try to burn the DVD using Videowave icon Roxio gives me the screen to create the ISO file but when it starts the encoding process I get the following Error.."8004520C Error while encoding Movie 1" Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. John
  15. kaitak

    Iproxy And Aproxy Files

    Thx...that seems to have solved the pblm.