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    Spanned Dvds Inaccessible

    I happened to be looking for a file, checked my archives and found that the first two I checked (each spanning over 15 disks), and neither one had an accessible catalog. Where do I find the catalog. Can it be found without Roxio's software that's on the disk? This is a disaster if it's endemic in my archives.
  2. Brent13

    Can I recover a spanned catalog?

    Thanks. I'll try DCM.
  3. Brent13

    Can I recover a spanned catalog?

    It was a set spanning 8 or so discs, and I double-clicked on "Restore" on 3 different discs and got the same error: something like "Insert a CD with the Restore application." So I guess the Restore app didn't get burned on (at least) those three. I guess that means I can catalog all files, as long as they aren't spanned. Is that correct? Thanks.
  4. Brent13

    Can I recover a spanned catalog?

    The CDs say they are part of a spanned set of files: the Roxio Restore icon is there. But when I click "Restore", Toast 8 looks a while, then says something like 'insert a CD with spanned Roxio catalog," (that's an approximation of message). Basically it can't read what seems to be there. Thanks.
  5. Brent13

    Track Names Aren't Written

    I choose Audio CD; drag files (from either Finder or iTunes). I add title and artist from within Toast8. But when I burn the Audio CD, the only thing that appears (whether files came from Finder or iTunes) is "Track 1," etc. I see, in Toast8, Disc Information, that there is no way to change the name of TRACK 1, 2, etc. I thought I was naming Track 1, but it turns out to be CD-Text, rather than Track Name. I'm sure there an easy way to change the track name, but I can't see how.