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    Roxio Videowave Movie Creator From Dell

    No, Hi-8 is analog. My capture devices include a breakout box from Dell (by EMuzed, now HP), and the NVidea GeForce 5200 video card. I DO have sound on the recording, just not in the process while I'm doing it. When I'm recording live music scenes, I have to watch to see when the song ends...
  2. I'm having a problem importing video from a VHS recorder/player. Video showed in the Roxio screen once, but never again. Recorded one tape, now doesn't work. Dell chat (for hours) is no help. System: Roxio Video Wave Movie Creator 1.6.676.0. Serial xxxxxxxxxx, driver version 1.35.00. Windows XP Home, Pentium 4, 2.8GHz. : NVidea GeForce 5200. Plenty of disk space, all other programs disabled, composite cables all connected properly, etc. Uninstalled/reinstalled several times. Also - when importing from a Hi-8 camcorder, it all works, but I can't hear any sound when importing! Can you advise? Thanks. Jim Edit Removed Serial #