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  1. duct

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Skinis, I tried your suggestions. I have a desktop computer. None of the suggestions worked. I did update my Audio driver, but the graphics card didn't have any updates available. I do not have the volume turned all the way up, just about level 15 out of 100. I tried setting the computer to "Performance" but made no difference (although it did make resolution grainy), so I changed it back of Let Windows decide. I will start looking at the dx file errors and see what turns up. John
  2. duct

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    skinis, I will give these suggestions a try, and get back on the results.
  3. I still have the crashing issue. Even after hours of looking for workarounds, but still the program crashes/closes after selecting anything to do with tracking or blurring.
  4. duct

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Skins, here's my dxdiag results: DxDiag.txt
  5. duct

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    Jim, I gave your recommendation a try. I converted an original MP4 video to WMV file. Although this was just one test, it did seem to prevent the audio fuzz issue from occurring. I went back and tried it again with the original MP4 video and it again causes the audio to go Fuzzy..... So it did seem to make a difference. Although converting to WMV looses some video quality, so not excited about that.
  6. duct

    Video Wave Audio "Fuzzy"

    I just reinstalled NXT 4 Pro, just to see if it would work properly. Unfortunately now even my version of 4 pro is having these audio issues. Before, when I earlier deleted 4 pro and installed 6 pro, my 4 pro had zero audio or crashing issues. Now with 4 pro it has the fuzzy audio and forces the program to close after attempting to use "clean audio" when editing the audio, irritating. I do notice when I "try" and use the clean audio feature, the audio is as it should be, clear and no fuzziness! And then it crashes......
  7. Yes Scott, it sounds to be the same type of issue. Did you get a solution?
  8. Well, after many hours of performing "cleaning out" of any and all old Roxio/Corel software, and reloading new NXT 6 Pro, the problem still persists. Now I find that when simply editing video, that the Native sounds become corrupted and sounds like it's being passed thru a pipe or tube. I experimented with using the "Clean Audio" feature just to see what would happen, and it actually helped make the sound normal. But, in using Clean Audio, that too forced the program to shut-down. All support wants to do now, is dabble around on my computer with "remote assistance". I declined that offer, as I am not convinced this is an issue with my computer, but rather an issue in development of the software.
  9. Possibly clearing out all the old Roxio and clean install might help, but need time to go thru all of that.
  10. This is what I got back from Support. I haven't had time yet to give it a try. Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support. My name is Ton and I have been assigned to your case. I understand that you are having issues with the product. Let me go ahead and help you. Your Roxio Creator NXT 6 installation might be corrupted. Please follow the steps below to completely remove NXT 6 and re-install it. Please uninstall Creator NXT 6, and any other Roxio software that is currently on your computer. After uninstalling, reboot your computer, and then configure Windows to show hidden files and folders. If you need instructions on how to do this, please refer to this link: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/show-hidden-files-and-folders-in-windows-vista/ (Show Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 7, 8.x, 10, or Vista) Once you have hidden files and folders showing, please proceed with these steps: 1. Go to " C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Local\"; 2. Locate any or all of these folders: - "Rovi_Corporation”; - “Corel_Corporation”; - “Roxio”; - “Roxio Log Files”; - “Sonic”; - “Simple Star”; 3. Rename these folders by adding a “.old” at the end of their names. For instance, "Rovi_Corporation" to "Rovi_Corporation.old"; 4. Go to "C:\Users\*_yourusername_*\AppData\Roaming\" and check to see if you find the same folders above, and rename them the same way; 5. Go to “C:\Program Files\Common Files” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files” and look for the following folders; rename them the same way: - PX Storage Engine; - Roxio Shared; - Sonic Shared. 6. Go to "C:\Program Data\" and delete the following folders: - Roxio - Sonic - FLEXnet 7. Reboot your computer and reinstall Creator NXT 6. *Note: If you do not find some of the folders listed above, this is okay, as long as you searched in the correct locations; this means that those folders have already been removed by the uninstall process. The procedures above is just to make sure that there are no leftover files/folders so you can perform a "clean" install of the software. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. Regards, TON Corel Customer Support Services
  11. Jim, I did try the repair option, it completed but the same issue remains. Thanks for the support recommendation.
  12. Hi, I recently installed the NXT6 Pro suite on my Windows 10 desktop. I have had many previous versions of Roxio, so I am very familiar with how this is supposed to work. One of the only reasons I upgraded to NXT6 was for the "motion track editing" feature. However, even after doing updates and repairs, the Editor will force stop Videowave after I select say; blur and then click on the image to paste the blur marker, it will not finish pasting the blur mark, it hangs, and a few moments later I get the dreaded "Roxio" message that the program must close. So far no other portion of this program gives me an issue. Anyone have a fix for this? If I can't get this feature to work, the NXT6 is of no use to me. Thanks,
  13. Good description Cdan, I'll likely just use the higher DPI for everyday use, but lower it when I plan to use the Creator program. Thanks!
  14. Sknis, thanks for the recommendations. I did complete the Driver updates prior to noticing the issue, so all's good there. I do have a newer SSD & ASRock motherboard that supports I7 - I5. I didn't go any farther due to the prior response which took care of my issue. Just hope the lower DPI setting of 100% isn't something I "have" to live with, screen text way to small on my 23" monitor. Regards, John
  15. Cdan, I checked the DPI setting, it was at 150%, i reduced it to the default setting of 100%, restarted the CPU and it now Creator works properly! The side effect is that all text and icons are so small I can't hardly read anything! I'll play with bumping up the DPI hoping to get something higher than 100% before the Creator program won't work. Thanks for the advice. Regards, John