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  1. Hi just bought a new laptop today with Vista Home premium on. I have uninstalled Roxio EMC 8 off my old laptop. Can I install it on my new laptop? is it compatible with Vista? If not is there anything I can do? ie is there only certain programs not compatible? if so I could do a manual install and not use them, or (Ive never used Vista before old laptop was XP), do I need Roxio EMC 8? or does Vista Home Premium have everything I need in there already so EMC 8 will not be needed? cheers
  2. andyloc

    How do I use Img Loader to ply my game?

    thanks for the hint, downloaded and tried DAEMON, installed and mounted no bother, but still wuldnt work, although I found AOW in the list of games supported.mmm
  3. andyloc

    How do I use Img Loader to ply my game?

    anyone please? what does ayone use Image loader for then?
  4. andyloc

    How do I use Img Loader to ply my game?

    So how will I load/install my game ? Should I load the imges first and then run them form the Images?
  5. andyloc

    How do I use Img Loader to ply my game?

    I have managed to mke the ISOs fine with the Image loader though? It now shows up as 2 extra DVD drives with the disk ("ISO") loaded ok. OK so if its not for this? what on earth is it for? how many people have unprotected DVDs? I thought this is what the software is for? As I say I am not trying to thief I have the originals
  6. andyloc

    How do I use Img Loader to ply my game?

    ?? I have the original games, I am not trying to copy them. Its just a pin to hve to keep putting the disks in the PC, when I want to play. I thought this is what this program was about? so if not what are you supposed to use it for? I seen it advertised/reviewed somewhere and it had for eg a laptop, to save battery life nd not have to crry disks around on your travels use Image loader. Can you tell me what it is for then please? I cannot think of a instance where you could use it, isnt everything you going to do, as you say "circumvent copy protection" ?
  7. andyloc

    How do I use Img Loader to ply my game?

    I just tried it on another disk and its the same, please help
  8. Hi I have installed game on my PC, but you need to insert CD2 to play it. I thought I would try Image loader, I made a ISO, loaded it in Image Loader, assigned it a letter. It appears in My COmputer no problem. I then ran the game but it still asked to insert the CD2 of the game. Why is this? Can I fix it? Is it because when I installed the game it was "pointing" at another drive letter? if so can I fix this? if so this will be a great little utility Hope you can help thanks
  9. andyloc

    Is Drag-to-Disc the same as DirectCD

    thanks mate
  10. as above? Just I am trying to use Acronis True Image (like Norto Ghost) to backup my PC. It says you need DrectCD to be running as it uses UDF for writing to the disks? is Drag to disk the same as directCD? thanks
  11. I want to be able to shrink my movie DVDs to a 4.7Gb blank DVD. ie as per DVD Shrink or Neo recode. IS there a function that does this within EMC 8? I know about the protection systems, and that you can only do unprotected ones thanks
  12. Ok thanks for the reply but I still have a problem. I done as you said and added a colour panel which I can now see, however I click add text or add effect and it is still blank, (sorry was going to add a screenshot but asked for a url how do I post a pic please?) basically when the clour panel is displayed I click the add effect and it comes up, "There are no items to show in this view" please help ps also I fI ever get some credits going can you have them scrolling up like films? if so how?
  13. thanks for the help, but why is virtually everything saying nothing to show? Do you hve to be in the correct section or something 1st to add stuff? ie transistions, credits or text or whatever?
  14. Hi making my 1st DVD. I have v805 updated UK boxed version. I have added a movie file no prob. I wanted to add some credits at the end, the help file instructed me to goto "Effect selector" and selct add text, however on any of the tabs in the "Effect slector" within the windows it states "There are no items to show in this view" I have installed everything bar the dag to disc, and have installed the content disk to the HDD. In Fact just clicked loads of others and they all say the same "There are no items to show in this view", ie add overlay, add text effect, add transistion etc. Please help
  15. ah yes I tried creator classic and there it was 160, but why cant the easier appof "Convert CDs" allow this? this is what I dont like sometimes on EMC, so many different apps/progs/sub progs that do the same thing, and have different options in them all, ie I can do 160 in CC but not in Convert Cds, 160 must be possible so why not in all apps!?!?