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    Problem Adding Movie In Crunch

    Thanks for responding but I recorded 3 movies and all 3 don't work. I can understand one but 3, and they work fine one the PC.
  2. ammdtb3

    Problem Adding Movie In Crunch

    When I select a movie I recorded on a DVD, I can see the movie but when I select it under media selector, and click on Ok, the program starts but than it crashes and I get the box you have encountered a problem do you want to send it to Microsoft. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program but I still have the same problem. I was able to crunch other DVD's I recorded, and I am using a Philips upconverting DVD recorder. I forgot to mention that I am running Roxio on a Dell PC Dimension 5100 operating system is XP SP 2, media addition.