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  1. I used to use standard disks, but I got spoiled by the RAM disks. it allows you to use the recorder like a DVR. you don't have to wait for a program to finish before you can see it. you can start watching a program while it is recording. and you can watch previous recording while a current program is recording. most things I record, I use Windows Media Center, but when there is a time conflict I use the Panasonic and sometimes there is a show or scene I want to keep or copy for someone. if there isn't another showing I can record with Windows Media Center the only other method I currently have is play it in real time and re-record to my computer. I have already installed that firmware update. it's a real pain. one thing they don't tell you is that when you do a firmware update it wipes out all your setup and you have to run channel setup which is really slow process.
  2. RAM disks can't be finalized, at least not on Panasonic DVD-Recorder. I agree that RAM disks are efficient and durable. that's why I mentioned Betamax. Betamax actually had better video quality, but lost out to VHS. I got a reply from a Roxio tech. he said that VRO is not supported, but suggested changing the extension to MPG might work. don't think that I want to go to the trouble of purchasing and installing Creator 2009 on a "might work"
  3. thanks Jim. looks like RAM disk is the Betamax of DVD recorders I had a typo that I corrected in the original message. should be VRO file. I do have a PC with a RAM compatible drive. changing the extension to MPG doesn't work. interesting to note that my Dell PC running XP and my Dell laptop running Windows 2000 Pro can read and play the file, but my HP PC with Vista Home Premium can't. don't know if that is a Dell/HP thing or something that was dropped for Vista. also my HP is a Media Center PC. you would think that HP would want it to work with as many formats as possible. Gary.
  4. hello Brendon, I don't know if the Special Edition is a cut down version. it comes bundled with a USB device to import s-video, composite video and audio. do Roxio techs monitor these boards? I assumed that was the reason this was labled sales questions. thanks, Gary.
  5. I would like to know if Creator 2009 can read VRO files that are recorded onto a DVD-RAM disk. I have a Panasonic DMR-EZ28 DVD recorder and I would like to convert them to another format for editing and burning onto DVD disks. I can copy these files onto my hard drive but do not have a program that will recognize and allow editing or conversion. I know that some programs will see VRO files as MPG files even though VRO is not listed as supported. I am looking at the Creator 2009 Special Edition package that is sold at Costco. Note- edit typo originally wrote VOR. corrected to VRO. sorry can't edit title