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    Unsubscribe From A Forum

    Anyone having this problem should follow this, then over on the right tick the box beside the subscribed post/thread/forum, and then click unsubscribe with the drop-down menu below.Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! I was litterally about to kill someone. Ffffffffiiiiiiiinnnnnaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyy!!!!!!
  2. brendanjnr

    How do you get rid of subtitles?

    No matter what I try to do when I play the dvd in a regular player, the subtitles are set to on as the default! So in order to have a normal viewing experience I have to pause the movie and turn off the subtitles each and every time. I even unchecked the include all subtitles box in custom prefs. and made a custom dvd, but still no luck. I have popcorn 2. Can anyone solve this one?