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    Problems With Emc9 Videowave

    gi7omy, You are a genius!! Changing the rendering worked! I can't believe it. I have ordered a PCIe card, too, so hopefully the problems will be solved. Thank you so much for your help. Holly
  2. TJ4206

    Problems With Emc9 Videowave

    Thank you. The computer has an Intel G965 Express Chipset Family. I will try installing a PCIe card next.
  3. Per Jim's request, I am posting this here: After successfully creating one DVD using Videowave and 40 minutes of clips into a second one, the program now crashes on me every time I try to add a single clip. A defrag did not help. I tried a clean install, and I got an error message saying that I do not have permission to fully uninstall (I have never gotten that before). I then restored the system and tried installing the 9.1 update, and I got another message saying that the certificate file is missing or corrupted. I am not sure what to do as I don't want to lose my work. (My next step will be to update the video card drivers and DirectX.) I know that the Videowave crashing is a common problem, and after extensive online research, I have not been able to find a "cure." But perhaps I am not understanding everything I read. I do not have experience with these kinds of problems. I have a Dell Dimension e520, Vista OS, 200GB hard drive, 1 GB memory, and a Pentium Duo Core Processor. We have never had a single problem with this computer, which is 18 months old. I am beyond frustrated. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
  4. I installed EMC9 on a new computer (with Vista) in July 2007. I used Videowave to create one DVD last November (2007) and had no problems. I have 40 minutes of video done in creating another DVD, and the program hangs and crashes if I try to add another clip. A clean install and defrag did not work, and technical support can't help because EMC9 is now outdated. I have plenty of space (200GB) and memory (also dual-core processing Pentium). Because I do not want to lose my work thus far, I feel my only option is to upgrade to Creator 2009. But my question is, if I do that, will that solve my crashing problem? And I assume I will still be able to finish my project without losing my work, correct?