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    Drag-to-disc Question...

    Thanks everyone for the info. I'm going to go to the "higher ups" and see if they can put some pressure on Dell to see what can be done about this. I'm also going to post on Dell's forum to see where that gets me. I did mention this to them awhile ago and they are now asking me to revisit this issue. I'll post back and let everyone know how I made out. Thanks, Ryan
  2. Oppie1

    Drag-to-disc Question...

    Thanks for the info. Our problem doesn't lie with DLA, since we are upgrading that on the laptops, but Sonic Solutions/Roxio DE's Drag-to_Disc. Just wondering why this might be disabling itself every so often (what conditions might make this happen) so I can get write up something to prevent it, or explain why it happens. Thanks again, Ryan
  3. Oppie1

    Drag-to-disc Question...

    Let me give you some background first: I work for the NYS Unified Court System and we recently rolled out about 1400+/- laptops to our Town and Village Judge's to do audio recordings with. The program they use to record on the laptops stores the audio in a file on the hard drive and then also mirrors a copy of that file to a DVD-R. Some smart person (being sarcastic) decided that we would use Roxio DLA to format the DVD and make the mirroring part happen. Long story short, DLA became incompatible when they changed the DVD hardware in our laptops (about two months into our roll-out) and we had to "upgrade to Roxio DE, which uses Drag-to-Disc. On a side note: DLA is randomly failing on the laptops that it was installed on and we upgrade them to DE as a fix as the service calls come in. So our problem is that Drag-to-Disc is now disabling itself randomly preventing the mirroring function to happen from the recording software. We have the user go to the Drag-to-Disc tray icon and click "enable drag-to-disc" and the process continues working again until it disables itself. We probably get a handful of these calls a month. Most of the laptops, that we are aware of, haven’t had this happen yet. I can't seem to figure out the process that makes Drag-to-Disc disabled itself. If I knew, I could write up a quick document to the courts explaining why this would happen. Also, these laptops are on private networks, or are stand-alone devices, and they all experience this problem. They have all the same image on them and are all Latitude D630’s with DVD burners. I know packet writing software is very “flakey” (I know from experience) and shouldn’t be relied on to do what we are making it do, but I need proof to backup my claim. Eventually, we will have servers that these files will mirror too, but that’s a long-term goal. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be awesome! Thanks in advance!