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  1. I get a missing movie file when I try and open an old project. it seems that all of the photos in the slideshow are not being recognized. How could the files be missing?
  2. I'm using MyDVD Video Lab and have made a slide show that I want to export for use in Quicktime. When I go to the file settings for the slide show the export button isn't highlighted. Is there another way of doing this? I would like to upload it to Flicker but Flicker won't recognize the file.
  3. new2video

    overlay 2 separate clips?

    Thanks, I will try this and see if it is what I'm looking for.
  4. Can you take 2 clips and slightly overlay them so they blend together like if you were trying to do a time lapse video with a bunch of small clips? I have Video lab and I'm working in Video wave.
  5. I think my best answer is that I need to change the files to some thing that Creator 2010 will recognize like a quicktime file. I found a product called iorgsoftMod converter that should do the trick. Thanks for the help.
  6. This is not a double post. You stated that I should consider Creator 2010 but did not say if it would recognize the files, so I'm asking the question in Creator 2010 thread. If you new the answer you should have said that it will or it won't, then there would have been no need for me to ask someone in a different creator. Lighten up =-)
  7. I have a canon FS100 which has video files that are .MOD files which I think are a modified mpeg2 format that canon uses. Will Creator 2010 recognize these files. I don't want to have to use a separate program to change the files. I want to purchase the right creator that will do this.
  8. I have a Canon FS100 Video camera and the video files are .MOD which is some form of a modified mpeg2 format I think that Canon uses. Will the My DVD 10 Premier recognize these files. I'm thinking of purchasing this but want to make sure it will work with these files and that I don't have to use some other program to convert them. I'm new to all of this so need an answer in plain English please. Thanks.
  9. new2video


    So I now know that studio premier won't read mpeg files. I'm now thinking about My DVD 10 Premier. I just want to be certain that this will read my mpeg files. I just did a bit mor research and found out that the camera I have (Canon FS100) has what is called .MOD files. These I guess are some kind of modified mpeg2 format that canon uses. Will the My DVD 10 premier recognize these files?
  10. new2video


    The camera is a Canon FS100A The version I'm using is My DVD 9 Studio Premier. Will this version run mpeg2 files, and if not is there an upgrade.
  11. new2video

    Why a need to re-render mpeg-2 files?

    I just saw this post and maybe you can help me. I have mpeg2 files on my pc as well and videowave won't even recognize these files on my pc. I have other video and picture files and they all show up but none of the mpeg files do. I'm new to this and also somewhat computer illiterate, so I need an answer in plain english. I'm using MyDVD 9 studio premier as well.
  12. new2video


    Files are on my computer. I have various clips that I want to clip together and edit to make one video. I'm trying create DVD or video wave 9. I was using a program to convert the files first and then import them but the software I was using (mpeg streamclip) now is making me upgrade my quicktime mpeg2 playback which I don't want to pay for. I think I have seen an upgrade or a way to just import mpeg files directly to Roxio.
  13. new2video


    I 'm a rookie at doing video and my camera has mpeg files and I want to import them into Roxio. When I go to my video files Roxio wont even recognize the files (they don't even show up). Is there a way for Roxio to recognize these files?
  14. new2video

    Instruction Manual Mydvd 9

    Is there any place to get a manual for Roxio myDVD 9 studio premier? I am a some what beginner at this and have been using Quick time pro to edit and get totally lost with Roxio. I would like to be able to read a printed version of how to for Roxio. I guess I should have looked up first.