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    Toast 10 Vs Toast 9 Question

    I am considering upgrading to Tast 10 from 9. Are the menus any better in 10, specifically I am concerned about chapter marks. In Toast 9 the chapter mark text does not show up. What is it like with Toast 10? Also one last question. Is Toast 10 and the USB interface cable all that I would need to capture VHS video from a player to iMovie or Final Cut Express? Thanks in advance for any help? Tom
  2. Flyfishing 48

    Blu-ray Bit Rate ?

    Thanks for keeping me straight. I went to your tutorial site. Very good information.
  3. Flyfishing 48

    Blu-ray Bit Rate ?

    Thanks for the info. I must be miss understanding this bit rate stuff. I was under the impression that the lower the bit rate the better the quality, we increase the bit rate to get more on the DVD. Is that right or do I have it 180 off, because as I turn the bit rate up the size of the movie file goes up?
  4. Flyfishing 48

    Blu-ray Bit Rate ?

    Should the bite rate for Blu-ray, (avchd) on a regular DVD be any different than when encoding SD DVD's ? Also what about the audio rates? Thanks in advance for any input. Tom
  5. Flyfishing 48

    Menu Again?

    I am a new Toast user. I want to create a AVCHD Blu ray disc on a std DVD. I have done that. When I add a second movie and a menu, that doesn't work. I see from other post others are having issues. Can I do a menu that lets a view select form multiple movies on one DVD? I can live with out chapter markers but really want to choose different movies that I add. When posters are talking about menu and chapter marks are they one in the same or different? thanks for any insight. Tom
  6. Flyfishing 48

    Toast 10?

    I bought Toast 9 and went to get the plug-in for it this morning. The link takes me to the Toast 10 plug in and it says there it will only work for Toast 10. I have been calling all day and sent an email but have heard nothing. Without the plug in the product is useless to me. I am not sure if I want to get the plug-in for 9 or get the upgrade to 10 with the free plug-in. ($70)
  7. Flyfishing 48

    Toast 10?

    I bought my copy of 9 on Friday. Went to get the HD/BD plug in and found plug in for Toast 10? This brings up 2 questions for me. One is where is the plug in for Toast 9 and 2 I should be getting a download key for 10 by my way of thinking. Tom