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  1. Questions that came to mind while I was researching through our forums and Googling. I noticed that the "clean install" instructions are reallly a "Clean uninstall for Creator 2009 on Windows XP" instructions. Minor detail but confusing - in a "Clean Install writeup there is only one line in the entire writeup speaks of installing - the VERY LAST LINE!!! "8 Restart the computer then reinstall Easy Media Creator." What's with that? With all the installation problems being addressed after the fact right here about DLLS from Vista. .NeT 3.5, and such. it really makes sense that they rename the writeeup and incorporate the forum's tips and tricks for a real "Clean Install" writeup. JIMHO _________________________________________ Best regards, ChuckGenr, CISSP, CISM "If you lived here, you'd be home by now" Borrowed by FOX for their TV show in 2006. Originally coined by the Firesighn Theater (Nick Danger) back before most of you weren't even a stain in your daddy's shorts.
  2. chuckgenr

    Data Backup To Dvd

    No offense, Lynn, but there are many programs that accomplish this very feat with 99.9999% accuracy. Ya get what ya pay for I guess - I shouldnt expect a program designed for the general user to perform like a data center backup program. Too spoiled by my work history. Thanks ChuckGee
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    Data Backup To Dvd

    thanks gi7omy, Understand 'bout the quality, but the program should pick up crc errors on write/check and fail the backup. Understand 'bout breaking into dvd blocks too, but it then still boils down to a far sub standard product. Was It a mistake to upgrade to 2009? Tyvvm ChuckGenr ps - not a regular here but mod equiv at one of the largest security forums - happy to be among good gfolk
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    Data Backup To Dvd

    Good day, I am oneo fous who doesn't have the $$$ to upgrade so m stuck with Ver 9.1. I performed 2 multi-dvd backups. Insert the last dvd, receive the backup contents, select the material I want restored, am instructed to insert disk X of Y and do so. Roxio will not read the dontents nor restore it. Sometimes I can insert disk X and just do a copy, sometimes is full of CRC errors and data is irretrievable. Performed backups and verified. DVDs in pristeen condition - Memorex 16X DVD-r. Updated Intel Chipset drivers and DVD firmware - no joy. Any assistance would be most greatly appreciate as there is mission criticla data. since the backups sent so smoothly had no idea that retrieving would be so troublesome. Oh - also inserted DVD, opened Roxio, looked ad devices, went through the menus to retrieve data there - also no hoy. Someone tell me what the bugs are or what I did wrong so I don't replace it? ps I know about ISOBuster but cant afford to buy it either. Thanks Chuckgenr