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  1. Loved version 6, worked great, hate version 11, pain in the &%$. Making audio cds, mix cds of various MP3's from various places. How can I get it to keep the track info (song name, artist name) after it is burned. It's there when I burn it but when I put it in media player and real player don't recognize the names. HOw do I get this forum post to let me make a new paragraph? It ignores my hitting the enter key. How can I get the labeler to recognize the tracks on the CD or how can I transition easier to the labeler so it has this info. It takes me fumbling forever to get it to finally see the tracks. ver. 6 always had it as soon as I hit the label maker button (which I don't even see an easy way to get to the labeler on ver 11). How can I get the labeler to print the track numbers? WHen I click the smart object I can change the text and I see the numbers listed there but they are gone when I close it. Please help me and answer these question so I can quit cursing Roxio every time I try to burn a CD. thanks
  2. If only it worked in windows 7 I would have used it forever
  3. tvshrine

    Chapter Navigation Button Goes In Wrong Order

    I got it to work but by fluke I think. I made the boxes smaller to avoid any chance of overlap but it still didn't work until I went into the attributes in the lower right corner on each clip and selected the "Auto Activate" just to see what it did(it plays the clip as soon as it's highlighted instead of just when it's clicked). when I did simulate it worked in the right order! But I didn't wan't the "auto activate". I went back turned it off and it still worked. must have just reset/refreshed it.
  4. I have 8 chapters on one page built from a template that had 6 originally. In simulate (and when burned) the arrow button on the remote makes it not jump in order to the next chapter. How can I get it to jump to the correct chapters? thanks