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    Avchd Problem With Toast 9

    I bought Toast 9 less than a month ago to do one thing, convert AVCHD and it doesn't do this properly. (The converted video repeats the 1st frame 7 times. This puts the audio out of sync!) I'm very unhappy that this will never be fixed in Toast 9 now that Toast 10 is here, so it was a waste of money. Also, like many others I'm angry that there is no free upgrade path for customers who have just purchased Toast 9! NOT A WISE WAY TO TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS.
  2. SamT

    Video/audio Sync Problem When Converting Avchd

    Thanks for taking time to respond tsantee, I will inform Roxio as you suggest.
  3. After converting PAL Canon HF100 mts files, the results always have the first video frame repeated 7 times thus the audio is ahead by 6 frames. I've tried all sorts of settings and the 7 repeated frames are absolutely consistent with every attempt. The original mts file doesn't have this problem. Can fix in FCP but a bit of a pain. Using Power Mac G5, System 10.4.11 Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks