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    NXT 6 upgrade

    I am still using Roxio 2012 because I have not found any subsequent upgrade better than Roxio 2012. I like where you can access the individual programs, rather than opening one big massive program just to do one thing. Is NXT 6 still in this mode? I still like some aspects of Roxio programs but I don't use most of them.
  2. Does this happen with subsequent versions of Roxio as well?
  3. I forgot that feature can impact Roxio for some reason. I couldn't remember. I like having the display a little larger without messing with the resolution. I guess I will have to change it when I use Roxio classic or just put up with it or use another program. Sometimes I use CDxpBurner but I like Roxio classic better. I can read and make it out. It is the only thing affecting any of my programs. Thanks
  4. You can see from the capture, that you are barely able to read about a 1/4 "Free space top portion. The remaining is hidden. I've tried grabbing a hold of the area with the mouse but it just won't do anything.
  5. Hello: I am using Windows 7 pro at 1920x1080 resolution and I have tried other resolutions but at the bottom of Creator Classic 2012, I can only partially see the information next to Disc Size where I can see how much space is left over on my disc. I can barely make it out. I have stayed at 2012 because I find it very stable and have never been encouraged to go beyond and I haven't really investigated whether the last NT version is worth it but not being able to clearly see the remaining free disc space is annoying at the bottom. I don't see any other place to see this information.
  6. ray12

    Creator Classic

    Hi. I don't get Roxio's strategy but Its just that Roxio 2012 is more than I need. I switched over to Adobe Encore for video and find it impressive and flexible with a professional result but a steep learning curve. It is so unintuitive that I forget how to use if I haven't used it for awhile. Although Adobe seems to no longer support Encore as it is not in active development and believing live streaming is where it is at, they seem to feel. I am begining to see their point. Thanks for responding. I always enjoyed the years I used Roxio and the help on this forum is greatly appreciated. Everything keeps changing.
  7. ray12

    Creator Classic

    Thanks for responding. I don't know but all I know is that all my other programs using the medium 125% setting are not a problem. The default setting is so small on my 23inch diagonal monitor. Now on my 27 inch, I use the default setting because it is huge. None of my Adobe programs do this. I know that very low settings do cause a problem like 800x600 . But it is what it is. I have found CDXp to be pretty reliable and doesn't take up a lot of space. Roxio 2012 is really overkill but I have always liked it. I could use the main Roxio data program but I prefer Creator Classic without any problems. Roxio has easy CD & DVD burning but it doesn't say it burns Blu-ray. I almost exclusively use Blu-ray discs for backup.
  8. ray12

    Creator Classic

    Thanks. However, I find the smaller dpi difficult to read. That is why I wanted the "medium" setting. I wonder why Roxio has to do this but the problem is that it does. I guess I will just have to use another program to burn data DD's or just settle for half of the "estimated projected sizes". I can see it. It is just annoying.
  9. For some reason, when I installed Roxio 2012, it only partially shows the "Estmated Project sizes" making it dfficult to see. It does show the disc size clear. I did a repair and then I reinstalled it, but it continues to hide half of the "Estmated Project sizes" which is annoying. I don't see any way to open that up more. sugggestions appreciated. I can also use the main program but I do like using Creator Classic. I am running Windows 7 pro.
  10. Hello. I have found no reason to go beyond Roxio 2012. I am sure someone is going to say why don't you look it up but I can't seem to find it. I am trying to make Roxio 2012 more lean because the majority of features I don't use. Rosxio runs all these features in the background by default. I have managed to shut down some features in startup and wondered where else I can shut down things that Roxio like's to run in the background. I want it to just quietly sit on a shelf doing nothing till I want it to it to do something. I have come close to just not using Roxio at all but there are somethings that I still like about it. I remember in the past, you were able to not have to install everything. My favorite version was Roxio 7.5 and I would still use it if you could. Roxio 9 comes in at second for me. I started having problems with them.
  11. I understand how to open Roxio but I was just wondering if you can do multiple timelines/slideshows on a single DVD. I just did this project in Encore where the first button is a family video, the second button is scene selection from the same timeline but the third button is a separate Photo slide show. As an example, you could have a project where the 1st button would show Jason's video baseball games in 2012, the 2nd button a slideshow of Jason's photos of the same year, a 3rd button for Nancy's Fast pitch video games of 2012, and a 4th button for Nancy's fast pitch Photo slideshow of 2012. I imagine you can do this in Roxio but I don't see how. I always done just one timeline or slideshow on a DVD.
  12. I'm not having any major problems with C2012? It works fine, with just a few minor issues. I just wanted to update to NXT for some blu-ray functions but was advised against it. I was talking about other versions.of Roxio where new versions of Internet explorer created problems but that's all water under the bridge now. I just meant that in Adobe Encore, the first menu that see when you insert a DVD, has buttons for certain functions. One button starts your main video, the other buttons opens submenus for chapters, and the other button opens a slide show. Or you can create different buttons for different events, etc. I never realized you can also do this in MyDVD in your initial menu that you see first when inserting a DVD. I'm not sure how you would go about this.
  13. If Roxio NXT doesn't play commerical Blu-ray discs or DVD, then it would be pointless to upgrade to it. I couldn't imagine why they would do away with Creator classic. For some reason, I have had problems with VideoWave over the years on various computers on different versions of Roxio. Various versions of Internet explorer created problems with VideoWave. I had a lot of problems just recently with Videowave in creator 2011.Since creator 2012 works fairly well with some exceptions, I hate to upgrade. My son has been using Adobe Premiere and Encore. At first I didn't like Encore because it was difficult to understand; but once you get the hang of it, you realize that it is very flexible and you end up with a professional result that look like commercial DVD's. I like the way you can add several timelines on the opening menu.You can create one button that starts videos and another button that starts a slide show. It offers a lot of possibilities. You could create a nice wedding DVD. I don't believe you can do that with VideoWave that I can see in that way. Unfortunately, those programs are very expensive.
  14. When I try to install Roxio NXT, it says to delete the previous version (2012) or Roxio NXT could do it, which is unfortunate; my experience with Roxio products is that you never know what you are going to get. In the past you could have multiple versions. Some versions were lacking and some features didn't work due to various unknown reasons. My issues seem to be primarily be with Videowave. I had trouble with Videowave and MyDVD in both 2010 and 2011 (as well as other versions); so far 2012 has been pretty reliable short of a few problems which were fixed using other products instead. So I really hate to uninstall Roxio 2012 but Roxio NXT has some Blu-ray functions I could use. I even get nervous about uninstalling it, unless the previous version had issues, so you had nothing to lose. I never understood why Roxio tended to be vulnerable with some products, particularly with Internet Explorer versions. Of course, some people on this forum never to have problems. This doesn't occur with Adobe Premiere or Encore but they are so expensive.
  15. ray12

    Hd Wide Screen Question

    I recently purchased a Nikon D5100 and started shooting videos in 1920x1080 30fps high quality. I don't understand why there is a black bar above and below the video on the LCD TV after I create a DVD. LCD/LED monitors have a 16:9 ratio. So isn't 1920x1080 the same ratio? I personally don't like this wide screen effect. I would rather it just cover the entire LCD/LED area. I guess I am just missing something in understanding these new formats. I am just wondering if anyone has any insights regarding my question. I am assuming I am just stuck with this wide screen and the black bar above and below. thanks