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  1. Thanks, Walt and Bruce. I removed the files and registry entries, and in addition ran the old roxizap - the message still keeps popping up. This is very mysterious - and strangely enough the other software seems to work although it's supposed to be disabled.
  2. I have used Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 for a while, but now have moved to another product. I have unistalled all applications named Roxio or Sonic, but when I boot the following message appears: "InCD disabled itself because it detected incompatible Sonic UDF software Please uninstall that software" Is there a Roxio Cleaner or Uninstaller that can help me get rid of whatever causes the above message?
  3. merlin666

    Error In Mydvd 9

    I attempted twice to create a DVD from 2 avi files (about 500Mb each). After more than 5 hours of encoding the two file, and the menu, MyDVD 9 hangs with a message relating to recording menus and a device error. I find this very frustrating after hours of waiting time. The log is as follows: 12/18/08 18:21:51 --- '', format = DVD_Video, target = 'D:\ TSSTcorp CDDVDW SN-S082H SB01', num_titles = 0, num_menus = 0 ---:ERROR: [burnerState_RecordingMenus] -- hr = c20100bd .\DVDContext.cpp(171): *** Error 80004005 stringRef:VCE_ErrMsgs.E_Mixer_NullstringRef:VCE_ErrMsgs.E_Mixer_NullstringRef:VC E_ErrMsgs.E_Mixer_NullstringRef:VCE_ErrMsgs.E_Mixer_NullstringRef:VCE_ErrMsgs.E_M ixer_NullstringRef:VCE_ErrMsgs.E_Mixer_NullstringRef:VCE_ErrMsgs.E_Mixer_Nullstri ngRef:VCE_ErrMsgs.E_Mixer_Null
  4. merlin666

    Will Not Instal Emc 9.1

    Is the 9.1 upgrade still available? When I click on the download button I just get moved to a support page: http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/default.html and the download is not starting.