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  1. As GrandpaBruce has said, you have two OEM Versions. You might see if you can get the FULL EMC 9, or EMC 10, on amazon.com or similar. But be sure it is the whole thing, without any letters after it. Lynn
  2. :lol: Er ... Creator 2010 Lynn
  3. There is a "Creator 9" and "Creator 10" as OEM Versions (generally OEM [Original Equipment Mfgr] Versions are reduced in what they can do compared to the original Version). Other than that, there is Easy Media Creator 9, Easy Media Creator 10, Creator 2009 (if the naming hadn't changed it would be EMC 11), and Creator 2010 (if the naming hadn't changed it would be EMC 12). Therefore, if you "upgraded recently", did you upgrade to the 2007 Version (EMC 10) or the 2009 Vesion (Creator 2010)? Altho I don't have either, I do know that often the answer of how to do something is radically different, since they are 2 years apart. Lynn (Edited to correct typo pointed out by cd)
  4. lynn98109

    Me too

    tubro, you've been given your OWN topic - http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=64782 I'd suggest you stick with it. Lynn
  5. lynn98109

    Can't restore Roxio .qic file

    If the Hard Drive is still good, it should be possible to put it into another computer. One way to do this is to get a USB 2.0 to IDE / SATA cable. It looks a lot like this. (I got mine at Fry's, not amazon.com) This isn't a long-term solution, but allows for quick access. (My DVD burner mostly lives in a box, and I have the cable to connect it to whichever computer if I want it.) If you have no tech experience, you might get a geekier friend for help. Or, go to a computer repair shop and see about having the contents COPIED. (I remember someone who asked for a backup, and the tech shop was in a hurry and didn't do it right - then wiped his HD for a reinstall which failed.) You don't want that drive wiped. HD's are too cheap to justify it. It sounds like your old computer may be old enough that replacing a MotherBoard or Power Supply wouldn't be justified (parts change rapidly and aren't often backwards compatible), unless you can re-use an used computer. Of course, if it's a fairly new computer, it may be worth the replacement. Lynn
  6. lynn98109

    Can't restore Roxio .qic file

    The only connection BackOnTrack has with BackUpMyPC is they are both programs that were bought by Roxio/Sonic to put in different Versions of Easy Media Creator. If you bought BOT directly from Roxio, you have 30 days from the date of sale to apply for a refund. The term "back up" is used for two unrelated functions - to make an archive copy of files, and to make an emergency-restore file to restore the entire operating system. What you needed was the former, what you made was the latter. (For future reference, backing up the files to R media using a Sessions-based program such as WinXP's built-in burning program would have been what you wanted - as to using R instead of RW, it is more stable, and less likely to get you into the situation you are presently in.) Hopefully, someone will come by with info on how to create a boot disc at this point, since it appears you don't have any kind of copy of BUMP. Lynn
  7. lynn98109

    Curious About Windows 7 and Creator 8

    In view of the fact OP said he will just get Roxio 10 it seems relevant to clarify the Version numbers. How does your post helpl? Lynn
  8. lynn98109

    Curious About Windows 7 and Creator 8

    Because Roxio's Sales Team was very fuzzy about names, it is necessary to be very clear about them. Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 is from 2007. Roxio Creator 2009 is from 2008. Roxio Creator 2010 is from 2009. Of those three, only Creator 2010 is compatible with Win7. There is also a further variant name, to wit, something like 'Creator 9' or 'Creator 10'. These turn out to be OEM [Original Equipment Mfgr] Versions coming "free" with a computer or burner. They are, so far, based on EMC 9 and EMC 10. They are either reduced variants of the full program, or VERY reduced variants of the full program. So I hope you are now enabled to get the Version you need instead of the one someone wants to sell you Lynn
  9. lynn98109

    problems recognizing DVd

    Sounds like you have a Combo drive (reads and writes CDs, reads DVDs.) If so, buying software will not add the additional laser cirucitry hardware to the drive that is needed to write DVDs. What is the id string of the drive? (Right-click MyComputer > Properrtis > Hardware > Device Manager, click on the + beside DVD/CD-ROM drives, and copy the id string letter for letter (upper case or lower case as shown), number for number, space for space) Lynn
  10. lynn98109

    Purchasing advice on 3.9.1

    That was my first reaction too, Bruce. But your post got me curious enough to google, and there is a 'Cineplayer 3.9.1 Surround' that showed up in my misspelled Cinaplayer serch. The click-thru search for 'Cineplayer Version' has a Dell Version 3 listed fairly high. So the question is not only what the OP is asking about that is Version 3.9.1, but also an upgrade from what. I think it might also be useful to know the computer specs to know if it would run without problems. Lynn
  11. lynn98109

    disaster recovery

    I think you need to ask the manufacturer, who would know how their product is set up. If you got BOT with the notebook, it would be an OEM [Original Equipment Mfgr] Version, modified to the OEM's specification, and they would know what it does. If the restore is to be from a hidden partition on the drive, the manufacturer would know how to access it. Lynn
  12. lynn98109

    Copying pics to DVD

    You say you have "Dell Precision WorkStation 360 (Desktop)". Does that mean it is on a network? I don't know if it would make any difference using the Dell Forums - http://en.community.dell.com/support-forum...op/default.aspx I'm not familiar enough with EMC 9 to know if that is an OEM, but I sure someone would know. Lynn
  13. lynn98109

    Copying pics to DVD

    Maybe a bit off, but there is a driver update on cnet.com suggesting 2004 - since specs give 2007, I'm not sure if 2004 is the hardware or software. I think 2004 might be about the time of EMC 7? And generally, hardware is older than driver updates for said hardware. Lynn
  14. lynn98109

    No Sound associated with movie extension

    I missed that, Walt. For the OP: If they had not changed the numbering system, what became Creator 2009 would have been Easy Media Creator 11. And EMC has a Full Version, and also the cut-down Version that is called Easy CD and DVD Burning, which comes in a red box, and is CHEAP. The answers are different for Creator 2009, EMC 9, and RedBox (there are 3 Versions of RedBox, 6, 9, and 10). So it is important to know WHICH. Lynn
  15. What you have is OEM [Original Equipment Mfgr] software, which is NOT the same as the full Version - further info here. So you've simply been told it like it is - your problem is with Lenovo. Or, if you've added something else, it may be the problem (iTunes and Blackberry being ones that come up often). You might consider doing something about that chip on your shoulder, but for now, goodbye, fare well. Lynn