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  1. I am getting Creator 2009 and already have Nero 9 on the same machine. I know in the distant past Nero and Roxio didn't like each other much ...in terms of being stable on the same PC. I think that's no longer an issue, but just to be sure I thought I'd check here.
  2. Thanks. Wish I had caught that sale. Fry's has the standard version for $29.99 after rebates so I might go that route. Any other current deals that you're aware of?
  3. I am thinking about purchasing Roxio Creator 2009, but had one question. The ability to create HD video on standard dvds for playback on a PS3/Blu-Ray player --- is that included in the retail version? Or do you still have to buy the Blu-Ray plug-in even though you're not writing to a Blu-Ray disc? Not sure I want to fork out another $30 for this and the documentation on the website is not very clear. I understand the need to purchase the plug-in if you are doing Blu-Ray burning on a Blu-Ray disc.