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    Spin Doctor

    After becoming more and more frustrated with Spin Doctor X, I went back to version 5.04 (which came with Toast 9.) In Spin Doctor X, my 19-track AIFF file took half an hour to edit, with many start-and-stop problems. (See my previous post about how much of a problem I had controlling the access point and the moving wave form.) When I finally had my tracks laid out, Spin Doctor X could successfully identify only 3 songs. I opened the same virgin file using version 5.04. In less than ten minutes, I successfully laid out all 19 tracks with easy manipulation of the controls. I was able to save my file with a simple keystroke (not forcing me to "save as" every time.) And the old version of Spin Doctor successfully identified 17 out of 19 tracks, rather quickly. The new version certainly "looks" more modern, but its terrible functionality and bugs make it useless for me. I will not use Spin Doctor X again. The old version is much superior.
  2. Texarado

    Spin Doctor

    I, too, have myriad problems trying to use the new Spin Doctor: 1.) The "play/pause" button is unreliable. Sometimes I cannot stop or start it. Really frustrating. 2.) The moving wave form would be nice if I could stop it. (See #1.) Sometimes it just keeps moving and moving and moving with me "chasing" the play-point indicator (the little triangle.) This is maddening. 3.) I cannot simply "save" the file, as it always tries to "save as". This is a real nuisance. 4.) The song identifier (Gracenote, I presume) is far less helpful than in my previous version. This "improved" version is actually worse than the old one (which I thought was all right.) If I can go back to the version of Spin Doctor that came with Toast 9, I will.
  3. Texarado

    Spin Doctor Problems With Leopard 10.5.6

    After installing Apple's Leopard 10.5.6, Spin Doctor's wave form no longer appears. The problem occurs with new imports of AIFF files and when opening previous files. Tracks cannot be defined manually or automatically. (Toast 9.04.)
  4. Texarado

    Spin Doctor Problems With Leopard 10.5.6

    Great. Less than a month after purchasing Toast 9, I have to pay full upgrade price for Toast 10 for full functionality. Very disappointing.