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  1. I had photoshow deluxe 4, downloaded from simplestar it was a great program! Now I have to use photoshow 5 because my computer crashed and I can no longer re-download 4. I have had nothing but problems with 5. I had to repurchase the DVD/CD burn program- it will not work half the time. Customer support is a joke, I have e-mailed them months ago- no reply yet. I also get error messages stating that the program can not connect to the internet. My internet connection is fine for all my other programs and it is not an issue with my firewall because I have checked the setting and Photoshow 5 has access to the internet. If I uninstall the program and reinstall it it works great for 5 or 6 photoshows and then the same problems begin all over again. I would advise anyone thinking about purchasing this program to do what I am going to do- look around for another program that actually does what it says it will!!!!!
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    I agree totally. I would love to have my old version back. Sometimes new is not improved. In this case new is down right frustrating. I will be looking for something better.
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    Error Message When Burning Dvd Photoshow

    I am having the same problem. I can not find anywhere to contact support. Buying the add-on is pretty useless if you can not use it.