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    Does Boom Box work with Intel MACs?

    Bingo, its Spin Doctor. Before I purcahsed I checked the web and for Boom Box it states ''the product works as expected with Intel''. To me that means it should work?
  2. teignmouth

    Does Boom Box work with Intel MACs?

    I have a brand new MAC and Boom Box is totally unstable (can't save files, application hangs). Support say its because Boom Box is not supported on Intel MAC but the web states it is supported. Confusing answers, and, an application that doesn't work ;-(
  3. teignmouth

    Unable to Save Active Tracks

    Thanks for the suggestions. I don't have another machine to test on. I tried dragging to the desktop and I receive the same unix file creation error. I have the latest updates applied. I didn't mention that this is not a file I recorded with Spin Doctor but an audio file. In addition to the file creation problem, if I try to play with Spin Doctor the edited file (within the application), the application hangs. The two behaviours are 100% reproducible so I think there is a fundamental problem somewhere~! Very disappointing as I only just purchased it and can't use it.....
  4. teignmouth

    CD Spin Doctor Hang

    If I edit a track, and, then try to play it the application hangs and I have to kill it! with a Force Quit. I'm using MAC OS 10.4.2.
  5. teignmouth

    Unable to Save Active Tracks

    After I have edited a track, when perform a ''File Save Active Track'' (MAC 10.4.6) the file is not properly created. In the console I receive the following error CDSpinDoctor[881] DSSAudioFile: Error creating audio file CDSpinDoctor[881] OS Status: kAudioFileUnsupportedDataFormatError I have tried all file formats. If I save the file without edits it does save.....