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  1. theoldarchiver

    What filesystem is being used for Data Disc (Mac only)?

    Mac-only is HFS+.
  2. theoldarchiver

    Can you make you own themes?

    There is no (public) documentation on how to do that, and what special properties have to be set to make it a valid theme file. It used to be easier in Toast 7 or earlier, but I gave up for the recent versions.
  3. theoldarchiver

    How to remove intro video panel.

    Unfortunately, that kind of editing can’t be done with Toast’s MyDVD themes. The preview window (and its mask shape) is hardcoded by theme, as well as the text colors (and font). Select the theme that best suits your needs, or use different software to author your DVD.
  4. theoldarchiver

    Can anyone save a disc image for me and then send it back?

    While I haven’t tried it with Toast 18 specifically, project files (.disc) tend to work only with the same version Toast that created them. Project files have references (links) to files, not the actual data. You would need all the assets in their original location to make it work, or re-create from scratch.
  5. theoldarchiver


    Dithering (as intended here) is a method for conversion of bit depth and sample rate, when applicable, to hide the digital discrete steps in minimal pseudo-noise, which intends to make it more smooth to the listener. If your source file is 16-bit 44.1kHz, then no dithering will be applied anyway, as input matches output.
  6. theoldarchiver

    Internal burner for Mac OS 10.7.5 Lion/Toast 15?

    That would be a 2006 model, which is important for parts replacement. I would suggest looking at Other World Computing (Macsales.com), as they list upgrade options per Mac model. Pioneer BDR-211 lists only Windows compatibility, that I could find. That might be important for driver software, drive utilities, and firmware updates. LG WH16NS40 lists Mac OS X 10.6 or later compatibility, so that includes Lion 10.7. Seems like a good choice.
  7. theoldarchiver

    Toast 17 and 90 minutes CD

    Toast has never supported overburning to CDs. You'll need to find something else.
  8. theoldarchiver

    Burn Large .mov video to 1 DVD

    What is the runtime of the video? A Toast encoded DVD can hold up to 2.5 hours of video at an ‘average’ quality level (3200 kbps), and less duration for optimal quality.
  9. theoldarchiver

    [mp4] is in an unsupported format and cannot be imported

    Do these MP4 play in QuickTime Player? Toast uses QuickTime for decoding some of the source files. What are the video codec and audio codec used in the file? Use Invisor Lite if you don’t know how to find that out.
  10. theoldarchiver

    "stuttering" / "choppy" video on Toast-burned DVD

    Verify if the frame rates match for the source file and the output file. If needed, convert first to the output frame rate, before handing the file to Toast. That would be 29.97 fps for NTSC countries and 25 fps for PAL countries.
  11. theoldarchiver

    Mountain Lion

    The only partial functionality in 10.8 is ‘Live Screen Capture’ do not support native resolution, this because of a limitation/bug of OS X 10.8 ‘AV Foundation’. as a Roxio Support staffer has pointed out in the past.
  12. theoldarchiver

    How to add SRT?

    Unfortunately, Toast has no built-in support for subtitles.
  13. theoldarchiver

    Toast Titanium 18

    It would be weird if this issue is only occurring on playback on a specific device. Any DVD player, including software DVD players, should play the same. Can you test on any other player as well? The high speed audio would then be a conversion error, possibly induced by uncommon audio characteristics of the source audio (e.g. not 48 kHz). Toast should convert it correctly, but odd audio in the source would be something to look for. What does it say for the audio specification after you add the file to Toast?
  14. theoldarchiver

    Mixed Mode CD

    I’m not up to v18 yet, but in previous versions, you had to unlock the legacy formats in Preferences.
  15. theoldarchiver

    MyDVDPro encoding

    Yes. Video will be re-encoded, unless the software finds that the streams are compliant for the destination format. In practice that means that for compliancy the streams must be encoded by this software in a previous session. Only then will it recognize that it is compliant and will burn as-is. I haven’t found any encoder settings/options in other software that is accepted by Toast as compliant.