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    "stuttering" / "choppy" video on Toast-burned DVD

    Verify if the frame rates match for the source file and the output file. If needed, convert first to the output frame rate, before handing the file to Toast. That would be 29.97 fps for NTSC countries and 25 fps for PAL countries.
  2. theoldarchiver

    Mountain Lion

    The only partial functionality in 10.8 is ‘Live Screen Capture’ do not support native resolution, this because of a limitation/bug of OS X 10.8 ‘AV Foundation’. as a Roxio Support staffer has pointed out in the past.
  3. theoldarchiver

    How to add SRT?

    Unfortunately, Toast has no built-in support for subtitles.
  4. theoldarchiver

    Toast Titanium 18

    It would be weird if this issue is only occurring on playback on a specific device. Any DVD player, including software DVD players, should play the same. Can you test on any other player as well? The high speed audio would then be a conversion error, possibly induced by uncommon audio characteristics of the source audio (e.g. not 48 kHz). Toast should convert it correctly, but odd audio in the source would be something to look for. What does it say for the audio specification after you add the file to Toast?
  5. theoldarchiver

    Mixed Mode CD

    I’m not up to v18 yet, but in previous versions, you had to unlock the legacy formats in Preferences.
  6. theoldarchiver

    MyDVDPro encoding

    Yes. Video will be re-encoded, unless the software finds that the streams are compliant for the destination format. In practice that means that for compliancy the streams must be encoded by this software in a previous session. Only then will it recognize that it is compliant and will burn as-is. I haven’t found any encoder settings/options in other software that is accepted by Toast as compliant.
  7. theoldarchiver

    Is the HD-BD Plugin for Toast 18 64bit?

    The plugin is not a true plugin in the sense that it is not called upon to execute code from it when needed. The plugin unlocks a capability in the main application(s). So it doesn’t really matter if the installer is 64 bit, unless you run Catalina first and then try to install it.
  8. theoldarchiver

    Making Blu Ray disk

    The bottom drop down menu is for selecting the media (disc capacity), not for selecting the disc structure (Blu-ray Video). The Blu-ray specification allows for either MPEG-4 or MPEG-2 (or VC-1). MPEG-4 is advisable in most cases for Blu-ray. For getting to know Toast and Blu-ray burning, it is advisable to use rewritable discs, if your set top player supports that. Then you won’t waste discs in trying.
  9. theoldarchiver

    Result Code = - 5000

    If the error is indeed about permissions, then try repairing the permissions for system files and folders. On macOS 10.10 Yosemite or earlier, you can Repair Permissions in Disk Utility on a selected disk. On macOS 10.11 El Capitan or later, that option is removed, as macOS itself should keep system permissions as they should be, and disallow others (e.g. installers) to change any of that. Besides the permissions for system folders and files, there are also permissions on other folders and files, e.g. in the user directory (including Desktop). You may have to check those manually (Get Info﹥Sharing & Permissions). Make sure the files that you want to burn have at least read access.
  10. theoldarchiver

    Toast Burnt Blurays On Xbox One

    I thought that they would open that up, and start supporting BD-R, BD-RE, after an announcement in late 2016?
  11. theoldarchiver

    Menu question

    If you don’t want the clips to start playing automatically, then you should leave unchecked ‘Auto-play disc on insert’. Note that DVD player software and hardware may have settings to override this, and start playback of the first item anyway, or continue where it left off the last time. Use the Menu button to return to the menu if that happens.
  12. theoldarchiver


    The number of buttons are adaptive to the number of clips, up to a maximum, then it becomes a multi-page menu.
  13. theoldarchiver


    Yes, that is possible. And that is even the default behavior. Add video files, and each clip will be on the menu. After playback of each selected clip, the view returns to the menu.
  14. theoldarchiver

    Toast 10 size limitations

    Toast and macOS Finder calculate sizes differently. One DVD ≈ 4,700,000,000 bytes = 4.7×1000×1000×1000 = 4.7×(10^9) = 4.7 GB (base 10, as macOS, since Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard) One DVD ≈ 4,700,000,000 bytes ≈ 4.3×1024×1024×1024 = 4.3×(2^30) = 4.3 Gibibyte = 4.3 GB (base 2, as Toast)
  15. theoldarchiver

    How to mute audio when burning DVD-R

    Do you mean you want your video project to be video-only, no audio at all, even though the source has audio? You could do that in a two-step process: You could save as disc image. When it is finished, keep the window open. Temporary file of separate video and audio are in ~/Documents/Roxio Converted Items/ , e.g. foo.m2v and foo.ac3. Remove the audio file (important: if kept in place, then Toast will re-combine them), then replace the old video file with the converted one. Save as a new disc image file. Test in software player. Burn if satisfied.
  16. theoldarchiver

    Get ISO image file out of Toast 17?

    I haven’t confirmed this for v17, but for a long list of previous versions: you could save a project as a Disk Image file, which would get the .toast extension. If you rename that in Finder to .iso, then you’ll find that is is compatible with many Windows burning software. It won’t make your PC read the Mac file system (HFS/HFS+/APFS), but for DVD-Video (UDF file system) that is not an issue.
  17. theoldarchiver

    Toast 15 will burn MKV file Toast 17 says format not supported

    As a workaround, you could repack {x264/AAC} MKVs as MP4 losslessly and fast. Then Toast will probably accept the repacked MP4 file. A tool that could do this shift to a different container is Subler.
  18. theoldarchiver

    Toast 17 can't read v15 disk files & vice versa

    This happened several times before between major versions. So I kind-of expect the project file functionality to break with each upgrade, and not rely on it so much.
  19. theoldarchiver

    Toast 17 Titanium and Gracenote/CDDB

    The only alternative to Gracenote is FreeDB.org, but I don’t think Toast can be changed to make use of that, but some stand-alone tagger applications may be able to set such. Does it work better if you use Toast’s Media Browser instead of drag-and-drop of the mounted disc through the Finder? That should help getting the information directly from iTunes.
  20. theoldarchiver

    Vimeo or YouTube supported?

    Note that Toast 11 exports for these “internet formats” in specifications as set in 2011–2014, which may differ from current specification. (Remember Flash web video?)
  21. theoldarchiver

    Toast 17 Titanium and Gracenote/CDDB

    If you import your music from iTunes, then the tracks can already have meta data from Gracenote. Stand-alone meta data taggers can consult Gracenote/CDDB to add the information details to the tracks.
  22. theoldarchiver

    Toast 17 and .mp4 files errors

    I’m not familiar with the Sony A6300, so help me out with what kind of files it creates (codecs, etc.). See Invisor Lite if you are unsure. While I have seen those errors on occasion, I do not seen them that regular. It may be file specific, or something else about the computer.
  23. theoldarchiver

    Burning a DVD with Dolby Digital source

    Dolby Digital is a codec (AC3), not necessarily a channel count. Dolby Digital can be 5.1 or less, even 1.0 (mono). That being said, Toast re-encodes audio to stereo (PCM or Dolby Digital), unless the source (video+audio) is already compliant for the destination format (according to Toast). Compliant streams are copied as-is, including 5.1 audio.
  24. theoldarchiver

    Roxio Corel Please Fix This Error!

    That was reported to forum admins more than 5 months ago, and ignored ever since.
  25. theoldarchiver

    Toast 17.1 Download.

    MacUpdate has the link to the 17.2 Update file on Roxio’s servers. (448.2 MB)