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    What's New In Toast 10

    Why in the world did they take away the Divx option? I need it back! Will not upgrade to 10 if subsequent upgrades are still missing this feature!
  2. 3lutz3toe

    Combining Two Videos On One Dvd

    Yes, thank you very much. (I had no idea this was possible w/ Toast 7 before) Everything works just great. Except for one thing. I have a DVD that has Dual Audio. The main one is in Chinese and the other is in VN. How can I select the VN audio? I have tried it and it only keeps the main Audio in Chinese. Thanks.
  3. 3lutz3toe

    Combining Two Videos On One Dvd

    I’m still not able to do this in Toast 7. OK, I insert the DVD. Select DVD-Video on the left side menu. Then what? Drag the DVD to the Video window? I tried doing that but it says that the files are not supported. Can someone give me more details?
  4. 3lutz3toe

    Combining Two Videos On One Dvd

    Is this direction for Toast 9 or 7? Thanks.