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    Leopard: Cannot Burn Jpg To Data Disk, Only Video

    tsantee, Your snow covered advice was slick. Trashing the plist has seldom been of benefit to me in the past, but I should have tried it anyway. It worked like magic! Thanks for your help. I owe you a hot chocolate! -Gary
  2. Leopard 10.5.6 Toast 7.1.3 Cannot burn .jpg to any Disk Format except Video Disk. This happens on two different iBook G4s. The .jpg is identified as a Slide show with a time of 5 seconds on the Video Disk. Separately, I tried dragging several different files, including different .jpgs into the Toast window. When ever a .jpg is dragged, it changes the Format to Video. I checked the Toast Preferences and found nothing that would cause this. I need to take the file, on a CD, to a photo shop to have copies made. I had previously put a .pct file on a CD, but the store clerk said they could not read the disk/file. Any suggestions are appreciated. -Gary